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Windows 11 will run faster on computers with lower specifications

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  • Windows 11 is set to run smoothly on old processors, thanks to its latest Build 22526.

  • The File Explorer continues to disrupt running of the system due to its tendency to crash and lag. 

  • However, the build is only available to the Dev Channel, it is yet to be established when these new features will be ready for public use.

Microsoft is preparing an update for Windows 11 that could make the operating system more attractive to people with older or less powerful computers.

The latest Insider build, Windows 11 Build 22526, is currently available to members of the Insider early access program. It includes a number of fixes and enhancements.

Microsoft is using the latest build of Windows 10 to try a new approach to indexing file locations. The company hopes that this change will make it easier for users to find files they need in File Explorer.

Enhanced Windows 11 performance

Although Windows 11 brought with it a number of performance improvements, File Explorer continues to frustrate users with its slow response times and tendency to crash.

When searching for files, the search feature can be frustrating because it takes so long to return relevant results, especially when the user has a large number of files on their computer.

The latest update should make sifting through large quantities of files more efficient, which will be beneficial from a productivity perspective.

File indexing

Windows 11 users with older computers will especially benefit from the new system because their machines might not be as powerful or fast as newer systems. But better file indexing is just one of many new features in the latest Windows 11 build.

The release notes state that the newest version of the operating system offers support for wideband speech when using Apple AirPods which should improve audio quality for voice calls and a new windowed approach to familiar Alt+Tab functionality.

But for enterprise customers, Microsoft has enabled its Credential Guard service by default and is protected with a layer of virtualization-based security.

Available on the Dev channel

The Windows 11 developer build is available only to members of the Dev Channel, who are willing to receive the newest features in their software.

It is unclear when these new features will be ready for public use. But if you have problems with File Explorer, the chances are high that they will soon have solutions.

Are you excited to see Windows 11 get more coverage on computers with weaker processors? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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