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Fortnite players are enraged after servers shut down for 5 hours during WinterFest

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A lot of Fortnite players, many of them already on holiday and with nothing to do but enjoy their favorite game, have just started playing again this morning after the servers were unavailable for several hours.

We’re going to ask you a question: what’s worse than shutting down Fortnite servers? The answer to this question is really simple: shutting them down during WinterFest 2021.

Indeed, Fortnite players are now engaged in this holiday event, which is really fun, so you can imagine their reactions when they couldn’t play for more than five hours.

But, this time, the inability to keep playing wasn’t caused by the developer team trying to introduce new features or add some surprise bonuses.

Apparently, there was an issue with Fortnite, which compelled technicians to shut down everything while they figured it out.

Fortnite WinterFest 2021 shut down for five hours

It all started with the Epic Games store performing really sluggishly, while afterward telling players: You do not have permission to play Fortnite.

The company started investigating the issue at around 11 AM ET before the servers completely went offline a few hours later.

The strange part is that, when the servers first went down, the Epic Games launcher wouldn’t even allow you to start Fortnite, saying that the servers were offline.

However, just a few minutes later, it would actually try to launch the game, but even that proved to be a futile effort.

Also, when this issue started, the Epic Games Store was exhibiting other problems as well, where some players said they couldn’t log in or even access their games for offline play.

It took a while for the Fortnite team to figure out what was wrong with the ultra-popular battle royale game, but around 6:30 PM ET, players reported the game was working again.

Fortnite gamers took to Twitter and Reddit to express their frustration, which grew with each passing hour they were offline.

Game developers can now breathe a sigh of relief, as everything is back to normal and WinterFest 2021 continues as planned.

Have you also started participating in this seasonal event? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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