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High Performance All Flash Ceph Cluster on Supermicro X12 CloudDC Platform

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Enterprise storage infrastructure and related technologies continue to evolve year after year. In particular, as IoT, 5G, AI, and ML technologies are gaining attention, the demand for Software-defined storage (SDS) solutions based on clustered storage servers is also increasing; Ceph is a leading SDS solution that enables high performing workloads to run efficiently.

The high throughput and low latency features of modern storage devices such as PCI Gen 4 NVMe, Intel® Optane™, and a variety of PCIe network cards are essential factors that improve the overall performance of Ceph clusters. In addition, Supermicro servers are the ideal infrastructure for delivering maximum performance for a range of I/O workloads and featuring 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

In this Whitepaper, you will learn:

How to Optimize a Ceph cluster with Supermicro servers
The critical components of the Ceph Community Edition
The right mix of Supermicro servers for maximum performance and reliability

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