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5 best music production software to buy [2021 Guide]

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Magix BF Music Prod

Magix is another great site to visit during Black Friday. They offer a wide range of products that deal with video and music production, mastering, mixing, etc.

To find the complete list of applications on sale, just check on their Sale % section on the official website.

We selected three of the best music production software of Magix:


Acid Pro banner BF deals

ACID Pro is a music production and mixing software created by Magix, developed for artists that produce tracks with creative and professional tools.

Some of the best features include:

  • Integrated app store for instruments and effects

  • MIDI playable chopper

  • Morph pads to play with intuitive controls

  • Extensive library of loops and sountracks

  • Vintage effects suite

  • Sidechaining


Create your best music tracks using creative production tools, plus studio effects that refine your songs.


 SOUND FORGE Pro 15 BF deals

SOUND FORGE Pro 15 is an expert audio editing and mastering program, capable of multichannel sound recording, advanced algorithms for mastering your tracks, and many more.

Some of the best features include:

  • Timestreching and pitch shifting effect

  • Loudness normalization

  • Digital signal processor effects

  • Wide range of macro controls and presets

  • DeHisser for cleaning white noise

  • coreFX Suite


Get unbelievable audio tracks using expert sound editing functionalities, all within this friendly audio editor.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 15

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 15 BF deals

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 15 is a recording and audio editing software that delivers top-notch professional sound for your recordings, podcasts, or singing. You can also convert old vinyl digitally and recreate faulty audio files.

Some of the best features include:

  • High resolution recordings

  • Live waveform and real time monitoring

  • Professional podcast sound

  • Remote recording window

  • Truncate silence automatically

  • Instant action option

  • Surround sound editing

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 15

Choose this robust software to produce the most qualitative sound for singing or recording voice.

Magix software gives you the opportunity to:

  • Create custom videos

  • Optimize,edit and share your audio creations easily

  • Create audio tracks from scratch

  • Convert your project into any format

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