How To Enable Gaming Mode on Android 12

Back in Februry, folks at XDA had spotted an unreleased Gaming Dashboard in the works for Android 12. But up until now, there were no clear...


Simplifying & Securing Your Digital Workspace with Virtual Application Delivery (VAD)

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Like many organizations over the past 18 months, you may have realized that the cost and complexity of Virtual Desktops solutions simply doesn’t scale when you need to enable remote and hybrid work. In fact, vendor-neutral studies like the 2021 “VDI Like a Pro” report show a shift in technology adoption as IT departments, CTOs and end-users demand more flexible, cost- effective solutions.

This has prompted a widespread shift to more streamlined solutions like Virtual App Delivery (VAD) which provide simple, ultra-secure access to all the apps your people need to be productive from any device – all without the infrastructure and overhead of Virtual Desktops. So how do you determine which is the best approach for your organizations – Virtual Desktops (VDI & DaaS) or Virtual App Delivery (VAD)? 

For most organizations, it comes down to right-sizing your approach to virtualization based on the specific needs of your users and their workloads. Download the following eBook to learn how two organizations – Fortune 500 manufacturing firm Sanmina and Nordics-based Klarahill – evaluated both technologies and why they selected Virtual App Delivery over Virtual Desktops.

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