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Microsoft: New volume sliders for Windows 11 coming soon

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  • New volume sliders are on the horizon for Windows 11.

  • Windows Insiders Dev channel may be the first to preview the volume sliders.

  • The official date is yet to be announced for the rollout.

Windows Insiders have been requesting redesigned volume sliders for a long time coming. Well, it looks like their requests did not fall on deaf ears as Microsoft has confirmed it is working on new sliders.

Currently, the Windows 8 design is the one that has been in use, and Microsoft is yet to give details on whether they will be changing the design. Apps such as Photos have been receiving updates to align with the Windows 11 design, so a lot of users may be expecting the same for the volume sliders.

New designs

Windows 11 has been rolling out new designs such as the Start menu, taskbar, and notification center. However, the Windows 8 flyouts for volume, brightness, and more have remained the same. The volume pop-out usually appears when you adjust the volume on your device, showing media controls for audio playback.

According to users, the flyout has been looking out of place, and one cannot deactivate the function. From the features that Windows 11 is releasing, the design is sleek, and maintaining the same flyout may be out of place if it remains unchanged.

Anonymous look

We do not know what the new slider will look like, but it seems promising from the comments made so far, and Windows 11 fans should stay put. With Windows 11 only a few days away from release now, it looks like the volume sliders will come a little later.

As long as it’s coming, we can only wait.

Do you think the new volume sliders should retain their old design or be made to align with Windows 11 design? Let us know in the comment section below.

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