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How to Add ‘Material You’ Weather Widget on Android 12

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Google just released Android 12 recently and whether you hate it or love it, one thing is clear; Material You is the standout feature in this year’s Android release. Material You is Google’s way of letting users generate custom colors based on the wallpaper they choose and apply them onto the system UI, Google apps, and other supported third-party apps on Pixel phones.

Over the past few months, Google has been adding Material You support to Gboard, Google Search, and Clock and now, the company has released new weather widgets for the Google app on Android 12. In this post, we’ll explain to you how you can add Material You-based weather widgets to your home screen on Android 12. 

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Android 12: How to add ‘Material You’ Weather Widgets on your home screen

The latest version of the Google app on Android now has the ability to extract colors from your wallpaper and apply them to its new weather widgets, which are available in two styles – a 2×2 squircle box and another 2×2 oblong pill. The squircle weather widget shows the current temperature (in both numerical and symbol form), location, and max/min temperature for the day. The oblong-shaped widget, on the other hand, only shows you the current temperature in number format and its relative icon. 

Before you add the ‘Material You’ Weather Widget on your home screen, you’re required to update the Google app on your phone to the latest version from the Play Store. Once that’s done, long-press on an empty portion of your Home Screen, and select the ‘Widgets’ option from the overflow menu. 

You should now see the Widgets popup menu on your screen, showing a list of all the widgets that can be added to your Android 12 Home Screen. Here, scroll down and tap on ‘Google’.

Inside this section, you’ll find four different widgets, two of which are the new weather widgets.

You can choose from either of these 2×2 widgets and apply one by dragging it onto the desired portion of your home screen. 

Once you drop the selected widget to the home screen, you can drag it around to a preferred location. When you lock into a specific location, tap anywhere else on the screen to place them. 

When you add a weather widget to your Android 12 Home Screen, it will look like this. 

With dark mode, the weather widget will apply a darker background with bright-colored text. 

Here’s how the 2×2 oblong pill-shaped weather widget will look on your home screen. 

That’s all you need to know about adding ‘Material You’ Weather Widgets on Android 12.


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