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5+ best plagiarism checker software for PC

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Turnitin is one software that focuses on integrity which is one of the reasons it’s so amazingly popular in academic environments.

The tool is quick to identify plagiarism by comparing sets of content against the largest collection of digitalized academic materials and highlighting similarities.

The Similarity tool provided by Turnitin checks offers comprehensive plagiarism reports. It compares your text against active and archived web pages, works included in the Turnitin repository, periodicals, journals, and other publications.

The reports generated by this tool give in-depth information about the results of the plagiarism scans. The similarity score is the percentage of the plagiarized content within your paper. 

Turnitin Similarity categorizes plagiarized content in two categories: matches and sources. Matches are texts that are not completely identical, but very very similar. The sources are identical pieces of text that come from other papers.

These can be of great help because you need different solutions to fix your paper. A source can be fixed with the right citation, while a match needs further reading and more original content.

Turnitin Similarity is a great choice for students as it is compatible with multiple learning tools such as Blackboard learn, Brightspace, MS Teams, and Moodle.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Effective plagiarism detection solution

  • Implement authorship based on data-driven insights

  • Feedback and grading features to facilitate instructional dialog

  • Educational, creative resources to enhance academic skills (blogs, guides, white papers, and more)

Turnitin is a licensed-based software that targets academic institutions. You can’t get it as an individual user if your school doesn’t use it. If you represent an institution and want to use it, you can do that by filling a request form.

Get Turnitin

Scribbr is an education-oriented tool that compares your document to an impressive database. It scans across over 91 billion active and archived web pages and millions of other publications.

Besides that, users can also add their own sources to the checker. If you used small independent publications or unpublished papers as your source materials, you can upload them into the checker and compare them with your paper.

It has up-to-date technology that fights against fake plagiarism alerts. AI-generated scans are never full proof, and there is always a risk of a false positive. The software scan ignores commonly used words and phrases, as well as reference lists.

Moreover, you can tweak the settings to exclude specific papers or databases, change the threshold for small matches, or ignore certain types of similarities.

The report provided by Scribbr offers an overall percentage of similarity along with a list of all the sources found in your text. The plagiarized paragraphs are highlighted and you can click them to see a side-by-side comparison with the source text.

This software is also a great option because it has clear confidentiality policies. Some plagiarism software automatically enrolls any text within their database to improve their scores. Scribbr does not do that and lets you delete your document after you get your report.

Other key features include:

  • Agent support from plagiarism experts

  • Detects plagiarism across 20 different languages

  • Support for institutions and indivdual users

Scribbr is a paid service that charges based on document size. It has 3 different options and also custom plans for institutions. 

Get Scribbr

Plagramme is a similarity checker with an ever-growing customer base. It is greatly appreciated for features such as paraphrase detection, quote correction, and the extensive source database.

This tool is mainly targeted towards students and teachers, but it can be used with no issues by other professional writers because it is equipped with the tools to check for similarities across all fields and types of sources, including web-based content.

Plagramme offers to users detailed reviews of their texts. Its up-to-date detection technology gives you separate scores for similarity, plagiarism risk, paraphrase score, improper citations, and matches. The similarity score is the overall percentage, while the others are more specific.

Users can easily identify each of these issues within their text because the tool highlights them in different colors. You can also get links and side-by-side comparisons with the sources found during the detection process.

Palagramme has a very large multi-language database that covers over 129 languages. It can easily detect translated text, paraphrases of the translated text, and other similar issues. It is reportedly recognized as the national anti-plagiarism tool in multiple countries.

Improper citations can also create problems with your paper. Palagramme takes care of these as well. It detects all citations and uses highlights for feedback. Green highlights mean that your citations are correct, and purple means that you need to adjust them. 

Other key features include:

  • Sharing options between students and teachers

  • Free plan  for teachers

  • Multiple language interface

Plagramme is a paid service. It charges based on the size of your text. You get to try it for free for a limited-sized text.

Get Plagramme

Dupli Checker is a web-based anti-plagiarism software. It is very easy to use and intuitive and offers multiple options for inserting your text.

You can either paste your text from your original document and insert it in the textbox on the main page, upload the textfile (supports .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf), or insert a webpage url.

Dupli Checker works in a similar manner as the other software in this list. It digs across its database for similarities between your text and previously published content. It can be used for all types of text, including academic papers, blog posts, or essays. It provides percentage-based results.

This software also vows to protect your privacy. It does not save the documents you upload and makes sure to delete any trace of them once you are done with checking the results.

This tool also has a grammar checker feature that highlights any misspellings or grammar errors.

It can detect text similarities across 7 different languages. It can detect translations and risky paraphrases on the web and across multiple types of publications.

Dupli Checker has an automated feature that can help you improve your text. The Make it Unique feature can rewrite your text in a plagiarism-free manner. This can be a really good time-saving option.

Other key features include:

  • Super fast detection

  • Highlights plagiarized paragraphs with color coding 

  • Identifies duplicate sentences and phrases

Dupli Checker is a free tool. It can be used right away, without any registration. You only need a good Internet connection. 

Get Dupli Checker

In the tech age that we live in, a plagiarism checker software tool is really necessary for copyright protection. In many cases, plagiarism can result in lawsuits, criminal charges, and sometimes even imprisonment.

Even if you commit unintentional plagiarism, it will still be viewed as plagiarism in the eyes of the law, and this is very important to remember.

Use one of these trusted tools, according to your needs, and eliminate the risk of being penalized for plagiarism.

By using plagiarism software, you will be able to make sure that your content is 100 percent original.

We hope that our recommendations were helpful for you. For more suggestions, please access the comments section below.

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