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10 best audio equalizer software for Windows 10

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FL Studio is a world cherished digital audio workstation that every music producer and aficionado loves.

Packed with an ever-growing library of plugins and effects, this software delivers all the professional tools you need to record, cut, edit, and equalize your tracks to perfection.

You can use the Fruity Parametric EQ 2 for advanced equalizer effects. This is a 7-band equalizer plugin that has a standard and a linear phase mode. You can use it to optimize any audio file, including your own FL Studio creations.

FL Studio is compatible with multiple audio input and output devices. You can easily select what you’re working it from a drop-down menu that displays all your audio device drivers.

What’s more, all these powerful features are wrapped in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that makes music creation and polishing easy as a breeze.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Native support for audio formats like MP3 and WAV

  • Countless effects chains, advanced automation, plugin delay compensation and more

  • Supports all VST standards 1, 2, and 3 currently available

  • Browser feature to organize all the data in your project

  • Extensive toolkit for audio editing and manipulation

FL Studio has both free and paid versions. There are 3 different licensed versions that include multiple additional features.

FL Studio

FL Studio

FL Studio is a professional music-making software, but it also has a great equalizer feature for audio professionals.

Equalizer APO is another great tool that Windows users can use to improve the quality of their audio files. If you are not entirely happy with your audio equipment, this software can be of real help.

It is a lightweight software that is compatible with any output device as long as it’s connected to your computer. It automatically detects your audio output drivers and displays a list of all devices available.

Equalizer APO has a very low latency rate. You can use the filters and settings instantly for various apps like music streaming apps, VoIP apps, or computer games.

To run Equalizer APO, you need to integrate it within another EQ software. Most Equalizer APO use Room EQ wizard. This may seem a little inconvenient, but the fact that it has very low CPU usage and an overwhelming number of good reviews make up for it. Plus, it’s completely free.

You can get a lot of free in-depth information about the configuration of this software and how to use it for your specific needs directly from their website.

Other key features include:

  • Unlimited number of filters

  • Works on any number of channels

  • Integrates into Voicemeeter

  • VST plugin

Equalizer APO is compatible with the Windows operating system, starting with Windows 7.

Get Equalizer APO

Voice Auto EQ is designed to specifically fine-tune voice recordings. It comes with automated EQ effects suggestions.

The software saves you a lot of time and hassle by analyzing the quality of your audio file and giving fitting EQ settings. You can leave at this stage, or you can further edit the sound by adding Air, Body a Clarity.

ERA Voice Auto EQ improves audio quality with multiple options such as noise remover, reverb remover, and audio cleanup.

You can get Voice Auto EQ as a stand-alone app, or integrate it within the ERA Bundle Pro or the All Access Suite. These come with additional features such as voice changers, background music, and professional-level voice removers.

Other key features include:

  • Voice deepener

  • Plosive remover

  • De-clipper

  • De breath

It is subscription-based with 3 different plans available. The charges are made monthly and each plan comes with a free trial. 

Voice Auto EQ is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems.

Get Voice Auto EQ

Equalizer PRO is an easy-to-use software with multiple audio settings meant to enhance your listening experience.

The software comes with a 10 band equalizer allowing you to make in-depth settings over the tone and pitch of your audio output.

The set-up process is very straightforward, you just have to move the band up and down and see how they affect your sound in real-time.

You can save and store your settings as presets and create specific presets for various types of music genres, for the audio quality of streaming services, and more.

Equalizer PRO also provides its own set of presets for quick set-ups for musical genres and other audio effects.

Along with the equalizers, the software comes with a bass boost effect that amplifies low frequencies of the sound as much as possible considering your output device.

Other key features include:

  • Preamp volume control

  • Easy on/off switch

  • Compatible with Windows OS starting with Windows 7

Equalizer PRO is a licensed-based software with free upgrades and technical support included. You can try it for free for 7 days.

Get Equalizer Pro

FX Sound aims to be the go-to audio equalizer software regardless of what type of content you want to work on or the type of hardware device you use.

The software is able to balance the sound on pretty much any type of output device. It has a 20-band equalizer which means you can work on every single detail until you are happy with the results.

FX Sound has specific presets for all activities that involve audio files. You can easily select which one you need from the preset list within the UI.

 It has a general preset that is meant to enhance at large all types of audio settings creating louder, smoother and clearer sounds. This is meant to be used for all types of activities so you don’t have to switch up the settings.

If, on the other hand, you want to make the best of every scenario, FX sound has specific presets for music listening, voice audio files for transcriptionists, video streaming, gaming, VoIP, and more.

Switching between different settings is easy and you don’t lose any information if you want to switch back. Plus, you can save all presets to your computer to make sure you don’t lose them.

FX Sound users can add different types of effects to their audio files including clarity, ambiance, surround sound, and bass boost. 

Other key features include:

  • Clean, easy-to-use UI

  • Dynamic boost control

  • Visualizer

FX sound has a free version and a premium subscription that charges annually. 

Get FX Sound

DeskFX Audio Enhancer is a powerful tool with multiple audio boost features including an equalizer, live effects, and multiple presets.

It has a simple user interface that should be easy to navigate for any Windows user. It caters to different types of users since it provides a graphic equalizer, a visual equalizer, and a parametric equalizer.

The software can work on up to 20 bands, but you can always select fewer bands if you don’t need to adjust that much.

Besides the equalizer, DeskFX Audio Enhancer also provides multiple effects such as amplify, reverb, chorus, wah-wah, tremolo, and more.

If your output device is not very powerful, this software can be of great help. It has the capacity to boost the volume of your audio with little to no distortion. This can be a great idea for those who use laptop speakers.

DeskFX Audio also has advanced settings that consider your surroundings and allow you to create the best possible audio experience for the room you’re listening into.

The software has a low latency rate and low CPU usage which makes it great for live stream apps and gaming. It comes with specific presets for such activities.

Other key features include:

  • Bass boost

  • Supress unwanted noise

  • Unlimited effects

  • Low latency 

  • Compatible with tons of streaming services and video games

  • Works on 64 bit Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 

Get DeskFX Audio Enhancer

DeskFX Audio Enhancer has a free version with certain limitations and three types of premium plans. You can get it as a one-time purchase or get a subscription. 

You may also want to check out Zulu, an ideal DJ software for beginners. This tool supports a bevy of real-time effects, automatic beat detection, and more.

Use it with one of these audio equalizers and the crowd will love you.

Get Zulu now for free

This is the point where our roundup of Windows sound equalizers comes to an end.

Check out all ten tools and their unique features and decide which one is the best choice for your preferences and needs. Have fun!

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