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How to Level Up Servants in Fate/Grand Order

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When you summon Servants from time and space in FGO, you don’t get them fully kitted out. Instead, you must give them the experience (EXP) they need to ascend to greater heights. Unlike other RPG games, you need to use specific items to level up your Servants.

How to Level Up Servants in Fate/Grand Order

While FGO is a gacha game, you can still farm for EXP pretty reliably. It’ll take a long time and plenty of grinding to max out a Servant, but you can still do it with some help. Read on to find out how.

How to Level Up Servants Fast

FGO isn’t like a typical RPG game where you can level up as fast as you’re willing to work. Your daily farming is minimal, and you’ll need Action Points (AP) to play in Free Quests and Main Quests. Unless you don’t mind paying real money to refill your Action Points, you’ll only get to farm so many Experience Cards a day.

You regenerate AP over time, and your AP cap depends on your Master Level. Currently, the highest possible AP a player can have via natural regeneration is 142. You can use Saint Quartz or Apples to gain more, even beyond the natural limit.

Besides using AP to play Daily Quests, you can also sacrifice your other Servants as EXP fodder. Before we get into this, let’s look at farming the daily missions.

Leveling Your Servants Up With Experience Cards

Using Experience Cards is the best way to level your Servants up. These cards are rewards for completing the Daily Quests. The Daily Quests fall into four or five difficulties:

  • Basic (10 AP)

  • Intermediate (20 AP)

  • Advanced (30 AP)

  • Expert (40 AP)

  • Extreme (40 AP)

The higher the difficulty, the more EXP you gain from clearing it. Conversely, you’ll also spend more AP doing so.

Each Daily Quest consists of three parts:

  • Training Field

  • Ember Gathering

  • Treasure Vault

Ember Gathering is the section that rewards you with Experience Cards once you defeat the enemies. The Training Field yields items while entering the Treasure Vault is your source of QP, the currency needed to perform various tasks in FGO.

Experience Cards fall into eight types, with seven corresponding to the seven original Servant classes in FGO:

  • Saber

  • Archer

  • Lancer

  • Rider

  • Caster

  • Assassin

  • Berserker

  • All-Class Card

Using the corresponding Experience Card on a Servant will give them extra EXP. For classes outside of the original seven, you should only use All-Class Cards. Doing so lets you make the most out of every Experience Card you obtain.

To level up your Servants, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Synthesize menu.

  2. Select “Servant Reinforcement.”

  3. Select up to 20 Experience Cards.

  4. Use them.

What’s more, different class cards drop on specific days. You should be farming for Experience Cards every day already, but if you’re planning to save a little more until the quests change, go ahead. Here’s what you can obtain on each day of the week:

  • Monday: Lancer, Assassin, Berserker

  • Tuesday: Saber, Rider, Berserker

  • Wednesday: Archer, Caster, Berserker

  • Thursday: Lancer, Assassin, Berserker

  • Friday: Saber, Rider, Berserker

  • Saturday: Archer, Caster, Berserker

  • Sunday: All classes at random

You can’t get All-Class Experience Cards from the Daily Quests, however. You have to roll for them in the Friend Point Gacha instead. This issue can make leveling non-standard class Servants more difficult.

Even so, if you have a few extras lying around, nothing stops you from using any card on any Servant.

When playing through the Daily Quests, try to take a team built to complete them as quickly as possible. The best teams can wipe out an enemy in one turn, which saves you plenty of time.

Beginners looking to farm in the easier difficulties, as they yield the best Experience Cards, can make friends on FGO and use their support Servants. These Servants are capable of handling easy missions by themselves, making it a powerful early-game strategy.

If you have plenty of Saint Quartz and Gold, Silver, or Copper Apples, you can restore some AP and keep on farming. It depends on your stockpile, and if you have a specific class you wish to level up quickly, you may want to compromise consuming more AP to get what you need.

After getting access to four-star Experience Cards, we recommend burning your lower-rating ones for Mana Prisms. You can use Mana Prisms for summoning more Servants by exchanging them for Tickets.

Other ways to gain Experience Cards are:

  • Main Story Quests

  • Free Quests

  • Event Rewards

  • Event Exchange Shops

There’s plenty of planning and strategizing that goes into the daily grind. Once you have access to more vital Servants, completing Daily Quests will be a simple affair.

Sacrificing Servants

Sacrificing any unwanted Servants is also an excellent way to help five-star Servant’s level up. As a gacha game, you’ll undoubtedly obtain Servants you don’t need. You can either keep them or sacrifice them as EXP fodder.

Feeding the same class of Servant to the target Servant also rewards bonus EXP. This trait reflects the use of Experience Cards as well.

The exact steps for using EXP Cards also let you sacrifice Servants.

How to Upgrade Servants in FGO

In FGO, upgrading your Servants is called Enhancing, and leveling up is a part of it. Other ways to boost your Servant are:

  • Noble Phantasm Enhancement

Each Servant has a Noble Phantasm, their weapon of choice. In FGO, a Noble Phantasm refers to a special card that lets them use their ultimate powers during battles. These powers can be devastating attacks, healing, or giving enemies negative statuses.

When you enhance a Noble Phantasm, it becomes more effective in a fight. To upgrade it, you have to gain at least two copies of the same Servant. Performing this action will result in increased damage and overcharge effects.

Here’s how to fuse two of the same Servants:

  1. Head to the Enhancement menu.

  2. Select “Noble Phantasm.”

  3. Pick the Noble Phantasm you wish to upgrade.

  4. Go ahead and combine the copies.

  5. Repeat if you have more copies.

There’s no reason to put off Noble Phantasm Enhancement, as you can’t have two of the same Servant on the battlefield.

Servants can perform Ascension, which involves farming for unique items and spending them. However, you need to level them up before this is possible. Each Servant can Ascend four times.

Servants that Ascend have new max level caps and gain new skills. The rewards make them more effective in combat.

Ascension works by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Enhancement menu.

  2. Select “Ascension.”

  3. Select the Servant you wish to ascend.

  4. Spend all the required resources.

  5. Repeat for other Servants if you can.

Remember that you need more than materials and items, as you spend vast amounts of QP for Ascension. Only perform Ascension when you can afford it.

The materials and items you must farm for this process come from playing the story, Daily Quests, Events, and more. It’ll take some time before you collect enough materials, which is why you should aim to complete daily grinding and earn enough QP to last for a long time.

Rinse and Repeat

The process of leveling up and enhancing your Servants is a tedious one unless you’re willing to fork over some money. However, there are enough resources to let you max out Servants without spending a single cent. All you need is patience, time, and friends.

Who is your strongest Servant in FGO? Do you think the current leveling system is lenient? Let us know in the comments section below.

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