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A new array of system bugs came with Windows 11’s 22449.1000 build

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  • As we know, Microsoft released a new preview build for Windows 11.

  • However, this one is only available for Insiders within the Dev channel.

  • Exactly like the previous ones before it, it is full of bugs and critical issues.

  • This article is dedicated to flagging such problems and keeping track of them.

build 22449 bugs

Were you, by any chance, thinking that once we’ve moved on to a brand new operating system build all of our problems would simply vanish?

The truth is that you might want to think again because, even though some issues were fixed, new and nastier ones emerged.

So, in this article, we will focus on reporting all the bugs that ruin our experience, when talking about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

Windows 11 build 22449.1000 system bugs and issues

System Tray still not rounded by default on Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel

Some of the Windows Insiders that are currently testing this latest version of the future OS are displeased with the fact that the predominant design language isn’t applied to certain areas.

For example, in this Reddit post, user Ahmedelgohary wanted to highlight the fact that the system tray still doesn’t look like the rest of the operating system.

However, although this is just a cosmetic issue, we are pretty sure that such visual glitches will continue to be present until Windows 11 is finalized and declared complete.

And if you thought that October 5th would be when that happens, you are much mistaken. Even if the OS starts rolling out on that date, many features still need work.

That’s the reason why many of them won’t even be available on launch but will start rolling out later, probably next year.

New build installation fails on devices without TPM

A number of Windows Insiders that use devices without the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) feature were unable to install this brand new software version for Windows 11.

Even though a lot of users that lack this specific addition to their devices were in fact able to actively test the future operating system, Microsoft decided that enough is enough.

Or, it could be a critical system bug that wreaks havoc on the mentioned hardware and prohibit Insiders from installing build 22449.1000

Green screen when installing build 22449.1000

This is not at all a new issue. On the contrary, people have struggled with this more than annoying failure on all the Windows 11 preview builds so far.

Ever since Microsoft first provided testing availability for their future flagship OS, Insiders have been constantly flagging such critical problems.

There is still no clear indication as to what exactly triggers this behavior, so the Redmond company has to figure out what’s wrong before the operating system goes live.

Have you encountered any other bugs while testing Windows 11? Share your knowledge with us in the comments section below.

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