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2022 Ram 1500, HD lineup and ProMaster all updated with Uconnect 5 infotainment

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Uconnect 5 is making its way through the Stellantis portfolio, and today it’s Ram’s turn to get the redesigned infotainment system. It’s coming to all 2022 Ram products, including the Ram 1500, Ram HD lineup and even the ProMaster.

The most important of the above products getting Uconnect 5 is the 2022 Ram 1500, though. Ram has adapted its system to run on the vertical 12-inch touchscreen that debuted in that truck. We’ve enjoyed using the previous version of Uconnect with that screen layout, and given our pleasant experiences with Uconnect 5 already, we have a feeling this update will only make things better.

You can check out some of the system’s nitty gritty details in our Uconnect 5 reveal post, but Ram also spelled out some of the important — and even truck-specific — details for us with its announcement today. For one, the Ram version of Uconnect 5 allows specific customization of the home screen to display a bevy of powertrain gauges during heavy towing scenarios. It also features Ram’s “Off-Road Pages” (similar to SRT’s Performance Pages) to give you detailed off-road data for your truck.

Fleets should enjoy newly-available telematics data, which is one reason Ram added this new system to the ProMaster (shown just above). Uconnect 5 allows third-party companies to collect data on vehicles’ status through the cloud in order to better monitor them. Ram suggests this will increase efficiency when it comes to reporting accidents, getting vehicles in for maintenance and making decisions about routes and vehicle appropriation. Of course, added efficiencies ultimately mean less money out of pocket for the folks running the fleet.

Just like other Stellantis models with Uconnect 5, the Rams will enjoy wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto (now capable of going full screen on the 12-inch display), an updated navigation system with more capabilities, Amazon Alexa integration for voice services and the ability to be updated via over-the-air updates.

Ram did not specify when Uconnect 5 would start appearing in 2022 models, but we suspect it’ll be soon for all of them.

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