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Paint is getting the same sleek Windows 11 design

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  • One of the most neglected Windows is finally getting some much-needed attention, on Windows 11.

  • After so many years of staying the same, Paint is about to be revamped and brought to new OS standards.

  • Microsoft has uploaded a photo of the new Paint experience and it looks better than we would have expected.

  • This new experience is not currently available on Windows 11, but everyone expects to fiddle with it soon.


Since Windows 11 is all about new design and experiences, we’re about to present to you another new element that Microsoft is bringing to the table.

If you weren’t aware, know that an official stock photo of the upcoming redesign of the Microsoft Paint application has been leaked and we must say that it seems to be pretty great.

Microsoft Paint was introduced with the first release of Windows in 1985, and while it is not the most advanced tool, it has become a fixture of the operating system.

For those of you who are Windows veterans, you surely remember that Paint was introduced with the first release of Windows in 1985.

It’s not one of the most advanced tools, like PhotoShop, but it has become somewhat of an everpresent feature for the Microsoft OS.

New Windows 11 Paint photos leaked

Here’s another interesting fact about Paint, since we were on this topic. While most of us only use it from time to time to randomly doodle or slightly modify some pictures, others are on a whole new level.

It’s true that, over the years, Paint hasn’t really evolved much, and Microsoft decided to turn it into an optional feature in Windows 10.

Also, while most of the Windows apps are getting an interface makeover with the new OS, Paint is pretty much sticking to the old one.

However, all this is about to change, judging by the official Windows 11 stock photo that the Redmond tech company uploaded to Unsplash. 

This gives us all a glimpse of an upcoming version of Paint with a modern user interface. Microsoft has decided to revamp the interface with new icons, rounded color selectors, and a much more modern feel.

Windows 11’s Paint app now has a more simplified toolbar. The already existing ribbon interface has been replaced with a new Fluent header and it comes with all important options, such as File, Edit, brushes, and more.

The photo viewing app generically known as Photos is also getting the same visual treatment. It will feel brand new and give us that overall Windows 11 futuristic fluent vibe.

Note that these versions are not yet available in Windows 11, but as the OS it is getting closer to its official release as a complete and stable product, we should expect to see it soon.

And even if Paint does not make it into the RTM, for some reason, Microsoft will be updating the program through Windows Feature Experience Packs. 

This means that it could be updated and delivered to users at any point outside of Microsoft’s normal update cycle.

What’s your opinion on this new Paint revamp? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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