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Latest Windows 11 Dev build finally hits the Beta channel

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  • Windows Insiders will surely be pleased to know that the beta channel is now available for build 22000.100.

  • This version is supposed to be a little less volatile than the previous ones, and deliver a smoother experience.

  • As opposed to the Dev previews, beta isn’t only for highly technical users and it lacks some of the more rough edges.

  • The Redmond tech company also brought awareness to some of the known issues that come on the beta channel.

windows 11 beta

Finally, Microsoft released the first beta version of Windows 11, which is available to users that are a part of the Windows Insider Program.

Trying out Windows 11, until today, meant that we had to install the Dev preview. No problem there, except the fact that Microsoft said this version was for highly technical users as it has rough edges.

This beta version is supposed to be less volatile, with builds being validated by Microsoft. Considering all this, you will still probably want to install Windows 11 on a test device or a separate partition.

Microsoft finally opens up the beta Insider channel

Now that the testing period has been going on for quite some time, Microsoft said that it will be paying close attention to how 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 CPUs perform with Windows 11.

This means that it’s possible for such system builds to actually run the beta but most likely not the final release as well.

With the beta announcement, many users are expecting that we won’t have to deal with such grotesque issues, as we did in the past weeks.

However, the fact that Windows 11 has entered its beta testing phase does not mean that the system will be free of bugs or glitches.

Au contraire, we will still run across many of them, but the Redmond company said that this will in fact be a much smoother experience than the previous one.

We are very excited to announce we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100 to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel! We highly recommend Insiders in the Beta Channel check out this blog post from June 28th that highlights all the new things in Windows 11 to check out and give us feedback on as you use it! As always, be sure to check out the list of known issues in the blog post below on anything that could impact your experience on your PC. We have also added a few new known issues discovered from Insiders in the Dev Channel since the release last week.

But, putting aside all the bugs, crashes, and missing features, it’s still good practice for when the real deal comes out.

Microsoft has even put together a whole list of current issues that Windows 11 still has, in which it also says that the Teams Chat feature that we have in the Dev channel isn’t currently available for beta users.

Some of the other problems that we’re bound to stumble upon on this version include:

  • Links to specific Settings pages are not navigating to the correct page in Settings unless Settings is already open.

  • For some Insiders, the text is not displayed correctly in the UAC dialog. This issue impacts Insiders not running under EN-US.

  • Windows Sandbox.

So, on the off chance you are an early adopter and were looking for an opportunity to try out Windows 11 in a much stable environment, this is your big chance.

We mustn’t be afraid to get our hands dirty and turn the OS on all sides, in order to squeeze every little bit of information out of it.

After all, our feedback, as a community, is what will help Microsoft iron out all the wrinkles before it can deliver a stable final product.

Have you already switched to the Beta Insider channel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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