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How to Get Around an Instagram Ban

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All social media platforms have things in common, but each also has its target audience. For Instagram, it’s nearly all about perfectly curated feeds and travel pics. The platform is fun and makes reaching out easy. And Instagram is also where the celebrities are too.

How to Get Around an Instagram Ban

That’s why it can be pretty upsetting when you suddenly find yourself with an Instagram IP ban. One moment you happily scrolling through photos and videos, and the next you’re temporarily blocked.

The ban can hurt and may even be unjust. So, is there any way to get around it? Let’s take a closer look at all your available options to get around an Instagram ban.

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Why Did You Get Banned?

This is the million-dollar question. When you’re on the receiving end of the Instagram IP ban, it’s natural to wonder what you did wrong. But first, it’s also essential to understand the basic principles of Instagram.

The platform looks at all the positive and negative trust score factors. In the positive action camp, there is the length of time you’ve held your account.

There’s also the much-talked-about organic engagement (getting likes, etc. without prompting people to do so) and follower count, which are the foundations of a successful Instagram account. But the nature of the account’s IP address is also important.

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According to Instagram, mobile IPs are the most trustworthy, followed by residential Ips. Finally, public and proxy IPs are the last on the list.

To get a clearer idea of why someone may get an IP ban, negative trust scores need to be considered as well.

Excessive Use of the Same Activities

At the very top of the list of actions that will result in an Instagram IP ban are fast and repetitive actions. An example of that would be going on a massive follow/unfollow spree. If you spend an hour only sending follow requests to random accounts, that could lead to an Instagram ban. The same applies if you suddenly decide to unfollow a significant number of accounts.

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Another suspicious behavior in the negative trust category is making too many likes at the same time. It’s not about liking three to five photos per minute, as that’s considered quite normal. We’re talking about hitting like on close to a hundred photos or videos in a minute or two.

Finally, the same rule applies to making too many comments on a number of posts. Granted, leaving comments is a neat strategy for drawing attention to your account. But as far as Instagram is concerned, too many similar comments in a short period look suspicious and may backfire. The reason why these activities can lead to an Instagram ban is that they’re considered spammy.

Simultaneous Actions

Another way to make Instagram think you’re someone they should ban is to access your account from various devices at the same time.

If you merely log in from different IP addresses on one device, it may not raise any flags. However, if there are likes, comments, and other engagement coming from your account from two different places, that could lead to a ban.

An Action Blocked in the Past

If you recently had an Instagram action blocked, the platform may restrict your account in some way.

The days and weeks after the action was blocked are when users should take it easy with likes, follows, and comments. Otherwise, Instagram might impose an IP ban.

Third-Party Software

IP bans typically happen if Instagram believes you’re a bot, based on your actions. This means if you can get a ban for behaving like a bot on the site and you aren’t one, using an actual bot will more likely lead to the same outcome.

So, while there are many excellent third-party apps that can help Instagram users boost their presence, overuse of these generally helpful tools can result in a ban. The Instagram algorithm can be quite unforgiving.

The Nature of IP Address

If you only connect to Instagram from a public Wi-Fi, Instagram might see it as a red flag. This doesn’t mean that logging into Instagram once or twice from a coffee shop will result in a ban. But if that’s the only way you can connect to the platform and do it often, you might get flagged by Instagram and banned, especially if you engage in some of the actions mentioned above.

How to Bypass the Instagram IP Ban Using a VPN

The main question many users have about the Instagram IP ban is how to circumvent it. One of the more cost-effective solutions is to use a proxy, but they’re not very secure, and there’s a chance they won’t work.

On the other hand, using a reliable VPN service might do the trick. A VPN hides your IP, creating another reliable option.

There are numerous VPN services out there, and the fact is not all of them can beat Instagram. Keep in mind that Facebook owns Instagram, and they have sophisticated ways to see when users are trying to hide their IP addresses.

The good news is that some VPN services have comprehensive protocols too. For example, ExpressVPN is often the go-to for Instagram users struggling with an IP ban. They publish apps for Android, iPhone, as well as extensions for Chrome

You Might Just Try Waiting

One of the crucial aspects of the Instagram IP ban is that it’s typically temporary. If going through signing up for a VPN seems complicated or too expensive, you can simply wait out the ban.

After some time, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will change your IP address. You might not know when exactly that will happen, but all ISPs change it after some time.

If you want to circumvent the process, try switching to using your mobile data connection for a while. Mobile network operators are often much faster in reassigning the IPs to their users.

But waiting for the Instagram ban to be lifted is often the best course of action as it means you’ve thoroughly followed Instagram rules.

Additional FAQs

How Long Do Instagram Bans Last?

Typically, you’ll be slapped with a 24-48 hour Instagram ban. However, all your subsequent actions come into consideration and the ban can easily be extended.

A couple of days may not be much, but anything longer than that might prompt users to seek alternative solutions to getting back on the platform.

What if the Instagram Ban Was a Mistake?

An Instagram IP ban is always going to sting and it sometimes can feel completely unfair. What if all you did was like a few more pictures than you normally do and shower your friends with a slew of loving comments?

Thankfully, if you think the ban was a mistake, you can make your case to Instagram. When you receive the ban, an Instagram window will pop up on your screen to inform you that you are “temporarily blocked.”

You’ll see a message indicating you’ve been misusing some feature. However, the message may also state that you can let them know if you believe this was a mistake.

Therefore, you can opt for one of two actions: “Tell Us” or “Ignore.” If you choose “Tell Us,” you can explain why you think the ban was unjust, and Instagram will consider it.

What Is an Instagram Shadowban?

If you’re trying to grow your Instagram account, you might have heard of the infamous “Instagram shadowban.” It’s what many Instagram creators fear, and it’s indeed a real occurrence.

Basically, this type of ban represents Instagram’s efforts to restrict specific types of content and accounts without letting the users know.

If Instagram finds specific content unacceptable for some reason, it simply won’t show up on anyone’s feed or discover page, even though you can see it on your grid.

This enforcement has been criticized for a while, but keep in mind that Instagram hasn’t openly admitted they do this on purpose. But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence.

Can Instagram Permanently Disable Your Account?

The short answer is yes – Instagram can and will disable or deactivate your account under specific circumstances. So, how do you know your account has been disabled?

A message will pop up when you try to log in. Your Instagram account can be deactivated due to copyright infringement, for example.

You might have unknowingly shared content you weren’t legally allowed to. Or the content you shared featured illegal activities, violence, or sexual content, which are all grounds for the deactivation. Finally, if someone reports your account, Instagram may disable it temporarily to review your activity.

Keep in mind that these types of bans are not the same as your Instagram IP being banned. The causes are different, and the results are too.

Never Lose Your Instagram Space

Instagram is a huge platform, and there are strict guidelines users are expected to follow. On the one hand, the rules are not always clear, and sometimes the user can be a victim of an unfair ban. On the other hand, those who rely heavily on third-party applications to grow their accounts might be committing an offense that is explicitly banned.

Not all is lost, though. If you’re patient, the ban will go away in a matter of days, and you can try a different strategy to grow your account. However, if time is an important factor, a reliable alternative VPN service may be the go-to solution to getting back on the platform.

The bottom line is that the Instagram ban is a major inconvenience, especially for people who take their online presence seriously. But it’s not an insurmountable problem.

Have you ever been banned by Instagram? Let us know in the comments section below.

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