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Hot Wheels collaborates with Super73 on a sweet electric bike

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Hot Wheels is collaborating with electric bicycle maker Super73 to release an electric bike. The collaboration doesn’t go much further beyond an appearance package on top of a regular Super73-RX electric bike, but we can’t help but fall for the Hot Wheels looks.

Hot Weels branding is plastered all over the bike, so there’s no forgetting what this special edition model is. Orange and blue are combined with largely black paint for the color combination. It has a special embroidered seat and handlebars made by Saddlemen, special pedals made by Crankbrothers and a yellow-tinted headlight. To keep the blacked-out look consistent, Super73 blacks out the large stainless steel panel situated in the middle of the frame, the chain and the battery tank pads. It has some sweet bronze wheels unique to this special edition, too.

As for the electric hardware, it’s nothing special beyond what Super73 does for its other RX electric bicycles. A 960-watt battery is able to provide about 40 miles of electric-only range, though Super73 says that can be extended to 75 miles if you use the Eco pedal assist mode. Super73 claims 2,000 watts of power for the motor, which converts to about 2.7 horsepower. Top speed is 28 mph in “Unlimited” mode, but is otherwise limited to 20 mph. You can charge it from 0-100% in 3-4 hours if you buy the optional five-amp charger. The standard 3-amp charger will do the same task in 6-7 hours. Also note that the bike isn’t especially light, as it weighs 80 pounds with the battery installed.

One extra you’ll likely enjoy is a matching Hot Wheels diecast Super73 Ford Bronco R with the bike purchase. It’s finished in graphics and colors that perfectly match the bike. This whole setup isn’t cheap — Super73 prices the Hot Wheels bike at $5,000. At this article’s publishing, the bike is being shown as sold out on the company’s website, but there’s an option to be notified when it becomes available again. You may have to wait, but it looks like there’s still some hope to buy one if you want a Hot Wheels electric bicycle.

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