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Chevy Silverado electric pickup will get four-wheel steering

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Finally, after having been announced many months ago, some more specific details surrounding the electric Chevy Silverado are being revealed. The latest is that it will get four-wheel steering. That’s not exactly a revolutionary bit of tech for GM full-size trucks, but is still a unique feature in the segment.

The company speaks about the system in general terms, though we do get a video showing it in action. Some of the benefits touted are high-speed stability and tighter low-speed maneuvering. So it will probably steer counter to the front wheels at low speed for a better turning radius, and then at high speeds the rears will probably steer slightly with the front wheels for stability. We also wouldn’t be surprised if the steering is almost the same as what the GMC Hummer EV is getting. That might even mean the electric Silverado could have Crab Mode steering.

Of course, all of these features except for Crab Mode were available on early-to-mid-2000s Chevy and GMC full-size trucks. The system was called Quadrasteer and did exactly what was described in the previous paragraph. As noted by GMAuthority, the system was fairly heavy and quite expensive. At the time, it wasn’t very popular, either, with the take rate never topping 2.1%. But in today’s world of high-tech, high-dollar pickup trucks, it could be a lot more successful.

One final note: Chevy also revealed that 24-inch wheels will be available for the electric Silverado. You certainly couldn’t get wheels that big from the factory back in the 2000s.

With concrete details starting to come out from Chevy, we’re betting we’ll see the electric pickup revealed in the next few months. The other major details we know are that it will be built alongside the Hummer EV, and it will have a range of up to 400 miles. It will use a lot of the same Ultium EV tech from the Hummer and the Cadillac Lyriq.

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