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5+ best sky replacement software

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  • Choosing the right sky replacement software for your needs can be tricky with the wide plethora of options.

  • Landscape photography can be a challenging task if it involves shooting skies.

  • Sky replacement software can help you fix overexposed photos with a single click.

  • Popular sky replacement tools make use of AI technology to simplify the process.

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Taking stunning sky photos may be easy; however, not always what you capture on your camera is exactly what you saw when capturing the photo.

Fixing overexposed and not-so-inspiring skies can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right set of tools to work with.

Sky replacement software can make this task a lot easier. These tools allow you to add some action to your photos by replacing the sky, offering a seamless look in the finished project.

Some of the popular Skye replacement software like Adobe Photoshop and Luminar comes with AI technology specifically designed to help you improve the Sky replacement technique.

If that is not enough, there are a few more Sky replacement tools that we have explored in the article below. 

What is the best replacement software?

sky replacement software

From photo manipulation, compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design, Adobe Photoshop can do it all and more.

You can transform images with the help of new AI technology and share your project via live stream to your audience and client directly from the dashboard.

The new sky replacement feature allows you to select the sky in an image and replace it with a sky of your choice. The AI technology of the software will automatically match the scenery colors with the new sky. 

Adobe Photoshop features improved and powerful editing tools to remove objects, retouch and recolor to create magical effects. It also comes with easy selection, unlimited layers, and access to thousands of brushes from its collection.

Key features of Adobe Photoshop:

  • Excellent sky replacement tool with AI technology 

  • Improved and powerful editing tools 

  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud 

  • Over a thousand brushes for customization 

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Easily replace the sky in any of your photographs by using this powerful and versatile tool.

InPixio Photo Studio is a great convenient choice for editing and improving photography. Furthermore, the features of this tool cover removing objects or backgrounds, photomontages, or sky improvement tools. 

Plus, if you need more professional editing of the pictures you can use functionalities like horizontal soft focus, or buildings straightening for tilted shots.

With this Powered-AI software, you have also included a sky-replacing tool that can improve your sky appearance to make it look more natural and artistic. Also, the colors of your photography will be harmonized with the foreground. 

Thus, if you need reliable Powered-AI software to resolve overexposure or other issues, this solution can work as your personal assistant in editing or beautifying your images. 

Key features of inPixio Photo Studio:

  • AI functions to harmonize sky colors 

  • Automatically remove objects from background 

  • Autocorrection for colors 

  • Automatic Red-eye correction 

InPixio Photo Studio

InPixio Photo Studio

Need an efficient sky replacement tool? With InPixio Photo Studio you can improve your photos right away.

sky replacement software

Corel PaintShop Pro is a popular photo editing tool that has introduced AI-enabled editing tools. While it may not be the jack of all trades, It is a more affordable option compared to advanced manipulation programs like Adobe Photoshop while offering a decent set of tools and features for beginners and professionals.

The latest update to the tool brings AI upsampling to enlarge any photo without compromising resolution or visual quality. Other AI feature includes AI Artifact Removal to remove artifacts and restore fine details and original colors, AI Denoise to remove random variation of brightness and color in images due to poor lighting conditions, and AI Style Transfer to transform your photos into stylized works of art.

Key features of Corel PaintShop Pro:

  • Excellent set of new powerful tools 

  • Flexible interface with plenty of tutorials 

  • Affordable 

  •  New AI-enabled tools to automate the editing process for critical tasks 

Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop will help you remove and replace any sky section of your images with ease.

sky replacement software

Like Photoshop and PaintShop Pro, Luminar 4 claims to offer revolutionary tools and AI technologies to give creative professionals the photo editing tools to create stunning artwork pieces.

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Luminar 4 features the new SkyAI tool that will quickly mask your sky area, including any tricky foreground elements, and replace the sky instantly.

You can also use your own Sky photos to replace the stock Sky photos.

Additional tools to enhance your landscape photography include Atmosphere AI and Sky Enhancer to add depth and detail in your sky shot, Golden Hour adds some warmth, and Sunray adds sun rays to the images.

It comes with full RAW support, plenty of Adobe and Apple products plugins, and dozens of selective adjustment tools.

With a notably modern interface and unique retouching tools that are not available on other tools, Luminar 4 is an affordable solution for creative professionals and hobbyists alike.

Key features of Luminar 4:

  • SkyAI tool to quickly msk sky and replace it with a sky of your choice

  • Golden Hours and Sun Rays feature to add warmth and sun rays

  • Photo editor and browser with full RAW support 

  • Plugin support for Adobe and Apple products 



Luminar can help you easily remove any sky background and replace it with one of your choosing.

sky replacement software

Autodesk Flame is an advanced visual effects software that offers tools to create fast, interactive 3D visual effects, compositing, color grading, conform, and advanced graphics. 

With the help of a semantic keyer for sky extraction, you can use Autodesk Flame as sky replacement software to isolate skies, remove clouds, add treatments to the sky background, and more with a single click.

The latest Autodesk Flame version comes with GPU-accelerated defocus effects, human face extraction, Dolby vision HDR, integrated finishing enhancements, and more.

Key features of Autodesk Flame:

  • Excellent sky treatment tools to replace clouds, and background 

  • GPU-accelerated defocus effects and human face extraction 

  • Integrated finishing enhancements 

  • Good set of editing and finishing tools 

Autodesk Flame

Autodesk Flame

You will always be able to replace any sky section from your artwork or photographs with this amazing software.

sky replacement software

LandscapePro is an intelligent, easy-to-use, and powerful photo manipulation software for outdoor photographers.

Intelligent landscape editing offers you specific tools that match your image. You can add rain, snow, fog, or more to your images with the new atmosphere tools.

With the built-in sky replacement tool, you can fix full, overcast, blown-out skies and change the background with hundreds of included options.

The overlay feature allows you to add a log or watermark overlay to help you protect your work online.

Key features of LandscapePro:

  • Powerful AI-powered selection tools 

  • Good editing controls that adapt to your images 

  • Easy-to-use slider interface 

  • Sky replacement tools to change, retouch and add backgrounds 

Get Landscape Pro 

Sky replacement can be tricky if you don’t have access to the right set of tools to make the necessary changes.

Sky replacement software makes this task easier by allowing you to select the sky in an image and replace it with a sky of your choice.

Explore all the tools listed in this article to find the best sky replacement software to take your landscape photography to a new level.

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