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10+ best portable network scanner tools to use

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This tool monitors the network availability and network usage using various protocols such as WMI, Netflow, and SNMP. This is a powerful tool that is able to offer an easy-to-use interface that is web-based and apps destined for Android and iOS.

The PRTG offers comprehensive network monitoring which 0offers over 170 sensor types for app monitoring, QoS monitoring, SLA monitoring, and virtual server monitoring.

Its flexible alerting features include 9 different notification methods, limit alerts, status alerts, threshold alerts, alert scheduling, and conditional alerts.

The tool has an in-depth reporting feature that has the ability to create reports in HTML/PDF formats, pre-defined reports, report templates, and scheduled reports. You should know that the freeware version of this tool is limited to 10 sensors.

After you launch the tool you will have to go straight to the configuration wizard in order to get started.

This will run you through the essential config settings required to get the app up and running and it will include the adding of servers to monitors and the required sensors that you have to use.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

Manage the way your PC uses your bandwidth with one of the best network monitoring tools on the market today!

Another good and comprehensive tool for network scanning and optimization is ManageEngine’s NetFlow Analyzer. It is an all-in-one solution for traffic analysis, bandwidth optimization, WLC monitoring, and more.

The software gives insights into the way your bandwidth is being used so that you can know how much space would be optimal. On top of that, it also carries out in-depth scans and gives you valuable Network Traffic Analytics.

Manage Engine Netflow Analyzer is meant to be an efficient and time-saving tool which is why it offers intelligible graphic analytics. You can customize your dashboard to view the exact parameters/widgets that you’re interested in. 

The software also has an alerting feature that sets off when the scans and analytics conducted find that your network is not on the right track, so you can fix the problem right away.

Other notable features provided by NetFlow Analyzer include:

  • Monitors traffic in routers/switches

  • Department bandwidth monitoring- monitors a specific deparment in your organization so you can know exaclty how much it consumes

  • Application-specific usage monitoring- helps optimize and prioritize your most importan applications

  • Site-to-site traffic monitoring

  • Router Traffic Monitoring

The software comes in two paid editions: Professional and Enterprise. Each of them can be tried for free as part of a 30-day trial.

ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer

ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer

Always stay optimized with advanced traffic scans, reports and more. 

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