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You might run into these bugs after installing KB5004237

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  • Microsoft released a new batch of cumulative updates, as a part of the July 2021 Patch Tuesday.

  • Users are now starting to flag multiple issues that started happening after installing the updates.

  • KB5004237 seems to bring a new set of problems for the people that downloaded and applied it.

  • This article will focus on informing you about all the major issues that came with KB5004237.

KB5004237 bugs

As with every new patch that Microsoft issues either for an emerging issue, or as a part of Patch Tuesday, there is bound to be some sort of bug, or bugs, that affect users in unexpected ways.

This month’s update rollout event also brought some problems to the surface, that started after users installed the latest batch of cumulative updates.

And, as you would expect, this kind of triggers a neverending chain of events, where the future patch fixes problems with the current one, and so on.

These are the problems that Windows 10 users noticed after downloading and applying the latest cumulative updates.

KB5004237 will prevent you from connecting via RDP

This is the first issue to emerge out of the depths of social media, where Windows users usually inform others of their ordeals.

Apparently, after installing KB5004237, which is an update released by Microsoft as a part of the July Patch Tuesday event, for 2021, things went a bit crazier than expected, as Reddit user GiliamOS exemplified.

After rolling out the two patches to a batch of test machines, connecting to them via RDP you see a corrupt connection. It works, but is visually unusable. Rolling back the patches fixes it, but come on Microsoft!

Anyone have ideas post-patch install how to fix this? Changing color depth, res or “experience” makes no difference.

At first glance, it seems that the cumulative updates entered some sort of conflict with the display drivers that he had installed on his device.

The post’s author even confirmed that, after checking, he realized that the driver version he had installed, came from Microsoft, instead of Nvidia.

There aren’t that many reports of users dealing with the same issue, just yet. And this is because there are some patches that affect different users in different ways, while some cause the same problem for everyone involved.

We will keep an eye out and monitor the situation, while also keeping you informed on any new details.

Have you stumbled upon any issues after installing this month’s cumulative update batch? If so, share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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