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Windows 11’s build 22000.71 brings a plethora of new bugs

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  • With the new Insider preview build for Windows 11 available, users are now focusing on discovering what issues affect it.

  • As with any new software version, we are bound to stumble upon system bugs that limit or simply ruin our experience.

  • Ranging from visual glitches to system issues, build 22000.71 affects different users in different ways.

  • This article contains the majority of bugs that Windows Insiders have flagged on the upcoming operating system’s new build.

windows 11 22000.71 bugs

In case you didn’t already know, Microsoft has released yet another preview build for the upcoming operating system, which Insiders can already test and review.

So, the 22000.71 build for Windows 11 is available for downloading and installing, if you are a Windows Insider, of course.

And, as with any new software, we are bound to run into some nasty bugs, that somehow limit our experience on the new OS.

This article will list the known bugs that plague this build of Windows 11.

Heavier disk usage with Windows 11 22000.71

Although this Insider preview build hasn’t been available for long, some users have already flagged issues that made them wonder what is wrong with their systems.

For example, one Reddit user that was testing the new Windows 11 version, has observed that his SSD heats up a bit more than usual.

As detailed in the social media platform post, the hard drive seems to be under a bit more stress than on the previous build, as the temperature went higher this time.

Even though we aren’t talking about high-temperature spikes, the difference is still about 5-6 degrees, which may not seem like a lot right away.

But pair this with the room temperature and a not so efficient ventilation system, and it could lead to system overheat, and, shut down.

Search icon is barely visible

Another report that has to do with bugs and glitches that plague the 22000.71 build is coming from Reddit as well. This time it’s about a visual glitch on the new Windows 11.

Apparently, according to the Insider that flagged this problem, the Search icon is almost invisible, making it hard for users to spot it.

This, however, does not take away from the tool’s functionality, as the report mentions that it still works fine, it’s just barely visible. Know that simply restarting your system will not fix this issue.

Rest assured that the tech company responsible for the OS will surely fix any visual bugs before they actually release a full, working version to the public.

If you are experiencing the same issue, know that Windows 11 has two search bars you can use, since the previous build was released.

Windows 11 update makes system slow and unresponsive

We’ve talked about the new Windows 11 build taking a higher toll on hardware, and also displaying some visual glitches.

Now let’s look deeper into how this new OS build actually affects some devices, by running slow and chaotic.

This Reddit user is left speechless when he is simply stuck while in the Settings menu, and only a system restart can, apparently, solve this issue. But, after performing the restart and trying again, the problem persists.

No transparency effect on Windows 11

One of the first things that everyone who installed Windows 11 will surely notice is the visual overhaul that Microsoft designed for the new OS.

But, as we mentioned before, there are certain bugs that affect different users in different ways. And this new preview build is not an exception to this unwritten rule.

One user that tried using Windows 11 on a Virtual Machine (VM), observed that his operating system lacks the transparency effect that kind of made the upcoming OS famous, visually.

I’ve got the dev build of Windows 11 on a VM right now. I just recently activated it, and usually one of the visual features you get with activating Windows is the inclusion of the aero “blurred” transparency effect in windows, taskbar etc. But I haven’t been able to get that working. I have available all the personalization options as a fully activated version, and even the toggle for transparency is active. But yet the effect is still not present. This is a big visual aspect of the new operating system and being a very visually “picky” person it bugs that I’m not able to use this. I’ve restarted, reset, tried messing with regedit, and other options but still no success. I come here as a last resort so any help would truly be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

However, this problem could be caused by the fact that the VM needs the graphic drivers in order to deliver a full visual experience. We will monitor this case, to see if others are affected in a similar way.

Build 22000.71 affects Ambiend Light Sensors adjustment

Out of all the bugs that have been reported for the new Windows 11 build, this has got to be one that annoys them the most.

Microsoft’s new software seems to also affect the way that the operating system adjusts the brightness to the ambient light and conditions.

According to Wu998, after installing the new OS build, the Ambient Light Sensor did not auto-adjust the system’s brightness as expected.

What he also reports is that, sometimes, the system’s brightness control had no response or an extremely slow one.

Although this is not a system-threatening glitch, we all expect it to work, as for many, adjusting the brightness manually can be a nuisance, so most of us rely on the automatic change.

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