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Windows 11 runs really smooth on the Shadow PC

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  • Windows users have successfully installed the upcoming OS on Sadow PCs.

  • Not surprising, considering the tech specs that these devices actually have.

  • According to social media, the operating system runs smoother than expected.

  • It seems that Windows 11 is great on PC, laptops, phones, tablets, and foldable devices.

Windows 11 Shadow PC

As you might remember, a few years ago, a brand new company entered the field and claimed that it has cracked the code to a zero-latency experience.

We are talking about Blade Group, a French company that has collected over $77 million in funding, from other tech giants such as Microsoft and Intel.

Its service, Shadow, provides access to a Windows 10 PC experience via a dedicated connection in the cloud.

Similar to its competitor LiquidSky, there’s no particular game service or app store required, users just have to install applications from their usual sources such as the Windows Store or Steam.

Windows 11 users have installed the preview OS on Shadow

Before we get into the details, you might ask yourself, what kind of tech specs are these Shadow devices running? Is it enough to support an operating system such as Windows 11?

Well, you might be surprised. These gadgets are no pushovers and come equipped with a modern setup, enough to be compatible with Microsoft’s upcoming OS.

And although nobody really thought about installing Windows 11 on such a device, there are some who tried and actually succeeded.

Information started becoming available across social media platforms, recently. Apparently, the future Microsoft operating system runs smoothly on these devices.

One Windows 11 user has already updated his OS to the Insider preview build and he is quite pleased with it, as he made it clear on Reddit.

As far as we know, Windows 11 runs great on quite an impressive number of devices, including mobile phones, Surface devices, the Raspberry Pi4, a wide range of foldable devices, as well as on Hades Canyon PCs.

So it might be that Microsoft’s upcoming OS will be compatible with even more gadgets than we initially expected.

What other devices have you installed Windows 11 on? Let us know in the comments section below.

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