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The first Windows 11 Beta release is full of nasty bugs

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  • As with any new software release, users are bound to discover nasty bugs that ruin their experience.

  • Microsoft just opened the doors for Insiders to transition from the Dev channel to the Beta channel and already errors are being reported.

  • These OS glitches can range from simple visual bugs, all the way to errors that compromise OS integrity.

  • It seems that after this Beta release, most bugs that users encountered are related to one of the most used elements, which is the taskar.

windows 11 beta bugs

Can you imagine a software release that is perfect? And by perfect we mean it’s free of all the bugs, glitches, or crashes.

You can’t? Well, neither can we. Because such a release is not possible. All software must be tested prior to its debut and, of course, Microsoft’s products are not an exception to the rule.

Since the Redmond company announced that Windows 11 build 22000.100 is now open for Beta access, users that have tested it are already flagging issues that ruin the experience.

Throughout this article, we will list as many of them as we can find, so stay tuned for more updates on this topic.

Windows 11 22000.100 Beta bugs

New build causes Invalid data access traps

While some users are enjoying some of the new features that Windows 11 has to offer, others are struggling with getting their systems to work, after the update.

As you might know, now it’s possible to switch from the Dev channel to the Beta channel by simply tweaking some settings and restarting your device.

However, after switching to Beta and testing the system for a bit, some users report dealing with invalid data access traps GSoD errors.

If you are also dealing with such problems, a possible workaround for your issue could be setting up setupmem.dmp crash files in the following paths:



Updating to Windows 11 prompts weird errors

There are users that tried the Dev preview versions of Windows 11 and decided it’s not for them so they uninstalled the new operating system.

Reddit user Transpunk93 reports that he had problems when trying to install Windows 11 both on the Dev build and on the recently opened Beta channel.

Luckily, if you are in the same situation, there is a quick and easy workaround that will help you move past this.

Apparently, using CCleaner to remove all unused registry keys, and then restarting your system will solve the issue and you no longer have to worry about it.

Windows 11 has Windows 10 taskbar after installing Beta channel

Some Windows users that have just installed the Beta preview version for Windows 11 were more than surprised to notice that not all elements of the OS actually transitioned to their new models.

For example. this Insider says that he still has a Windows 10 taskbar on the Beta version of Windows 11.

I installed the new windows 11 beta update today and my taskbar didnt update. its stuck on the windows 10 taskbar and doesnt react to inputs from the windows key on my keyboard. i cant open it when i click it. i alsp cant “shift restart” my pc to delete the update and go back to windows 10.

Furthermore, as if this wasn’t already strange enough, when he logs a different account on the same PC on which the Beta channel is now active, the taskbar seems to be updated.

Upon switching back to his account, the taskbar is back to Windows 10 standards.

Edit: I’m currently running the beta preview when i logged into another account on that pc, the taskbar was normal but when i switched to my normal account the taskbar is broken again.

This is definitely something that Microsoft should look into as soon as possible.

Taskbar flickers continuously

Since we were on the taskbar topic, here’s another glitch that totally ruins the experience of Windows 10 users trying to transition and enjoy the upcoming OS.

If you remember, we’ve reported similar taskbar problems even on the previous Windows 11 builds. Even though the taskbar is an important element of the Windows operating system, there are a lot of things going wrong with it lately.

Battery icon not available on the taskbar

We’ve recently talked about how important is to be aware of your battery usage, if you are using Windows 11 on a portable device, to keep track of which apps drain your battery faster.

Doing so might prove a bit tricky for some Windows Insiders that are on the Beta channel right now, as the battery icon is no longer present on their taskbar.

Of course, it’s not impossible, as you can go to the Settings menu and get the same results, only this is not as accessible as the option that is currently missing.

We will keep an open eye for all the reports concerning bugs, glitches, and crashes that occur after the transition from Dev to Beta.

Hopefully, Microsoft can sort these situations out soon, so that we can all enjoy a much smoother, bug-free experience.

What issues did you encounter since transitioning to the Beta channel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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