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How to complete the Windows 11 Out of Box Experience

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  • Setting up a new operating system is an easy process, that takes up a few minutes of your time.

  • However, some of the steps require a bit of light reading and attention to certain security details.

  • It is important to get to know our OS’s right from the start, in order to become better acquainted with the services it provides.

  • This article will walk you through the exact steps that the Out of Box Experience requires you to perform.

Windows 11 OOBE

Installing a new operating system can be an interesting journey for each and every one of us, considering that the specific software we are installing will assist us over the span of many years.

So it can be important to get to know our OS’s right from the start, in order to become better acquainted with the services it provides and how it can facilitate our jobs.

Therefore, whether you upgrade from a previous version of Windows, purchase a new device that has Windows 11 preinstalled, or perform a clean install, your first experience will be the OOBE.

Going through your first Out of Box Experience

Known to many as the Out of Box Experience, this is your first experience with the new OS, the place where you get the chance to introduce yourself to Windows or customize certain functionality before you reach the desktop.

You should also know that this can sometimes include creating or signing into a user account, connecting a wireless network or business domain, optimizing the device for specific activities such as work, education, or gaming.

Over the course of this article, we will focus on setting up a new device or a clean install, using the Windows 11 Home edition. Be aware that Windows 11 Pro and higher edition will offer additional options.

So, let’s begin! OOBE also features sections that users will have the option to skip. So, on the off chance you are not sure about something, you can always look for the Skip option at the bottom.

  1. If Windows 11 will detect an Internet connection, the first thing it will do is check for updates to ensure your system is updated and ready when you reach the desktop.

2. It’s now time to choose your country/region.

3. Choose a name for your PC, thus making it easier to detect it on the network.

4. In order to sign in to Windows 11 you are required to provide a valid Microsoft account. But, if you still want to use a local account, you will need to switch after setup is complete.

5. Enter your password and click the Sign in button.

6. Windows 11 also requires you to set up a PIN code.

Remember that you can use both numbers and letters to create a PIN. By doing so you don’t have to worry about compromising your password.

7. You will be pleased to know that one of the many benefits of using Windows 11 with a Microsoft account is the option is to sync your files from an existing device you are already signed in with.

You will also be able to download any apps you had already downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

8. It’s time to tweak some of the privacy settings that the OS offers you from the start.

9. You can let Windows optimize your system for specific needs and tasks, or you can just skip this step.

10. You can now select the manner in which you want your files to be stored, whether on the cloud or on your device.

11. Users can now set up their Windows 11 device with a trial copy of Microsoft Office or enter an existing key to install the suite.

12. After you complete the OOBE, the Windows 11 operating system will save your changes and complete the installation.

13. Congratulations! You have successfully finalized your Out of Box Experience for Windows 11.

Pretty simple, right?

These are all the steps you need to go through when you set up a fresh Windows 11 operating system.

Now you can proceed with customizing it to you desire and use it to perform your day-to-day actions.

Have you managed to set up Microsoft’s new OS on your device? Let us know how it went, in the comments section below.

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