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Easy guide on how to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode

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  • If you’re encountering OS problems, starting Windows 11 in Safe Mode can help you narrow down the source and troubleshoot the issue.

  • Using some Settings menu integrated options is one of the quickest methods you should try.

  • The System Configuration is another efficient option that will get your OS in Safe Mode.

  • As an additional suggestion, consider that the support of Automatic Repair will surely help to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode.

Easy guide on how to start Windows 11 in safe mode

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Safe Mode represents a trusted diagnostic manner for your PC’s OS. Its main objective is to fix most of the problems within an operating system.

You should know that it starts Windows in a basic state, using a limited set of files and drivers.

Getting your OS in Safe Mode allows you to check the source of a problem and also supports you in troubleshooting problems on your PC.

In today’s guide, you’ll find four options that will help you to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode. These are extremely simple, so don’t worry about consuming time performing them.

How can I easily start Windows 11 in Safe Mode?

1. Use the Start menu

  1. Click on the Start menu, then select the Power icon.

  2. Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard, then click on Restart.

  3. Once you’re redirected to the options screen, select Troubleshoot.

  4. Click on Advanced options.

  5. Select Startup Settings.

  6. Click on the Restart button.

  7. Press the F4 key to get in the Safe Mode.

2. Navigate to the Recovery option

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on System, then select Recovery.

  3. Look at the Advanced startup option, then click on the Restart now button.

  4. You computer will reboot, then show the Advanced options screen, and select Troubleshoot.

  5. Click on Advanced options.

  6. Select Startup Settings.

  7. Click on the Restart button.

  8. Press the F4 key to get into Safe Mode.

As you can notice the last 5 steps of the second option are the same as the previous one. So there is no doubt the options to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode are extremely similar.

3. Try System Configuration

  1. Click on the Search button, then type Run, and select it.

  2. Once the Run dialog box is opened, type msconfig, then click on OK.

  3. Select the Boot tab, then take a look at the Boot options.

  4. Checkmark the Safe boot, then checkmark the Minimal option.

  5. Click on Apply, then select OK.

  6. In the pop-up window, click on Restart.

  7. Wait a few seconds, then you’ll be taken in the Safe Mode.

4. Use the Automatic Repair

  1. When your computer is off, power it on, and turn it off as soon as the Windows logo appears.

  2. Repeat this 3 times, then you’ll be redirected to the Automatic Repair screen.

  3. There, you have to click on the Advanced options.

  4. Choose Troubleshoot.

  5. Select Advanced options.

  6. Click on Startup Settings.

  7. Click on the Restart button.

  8. Press the F4 key to get in the Safe Mode.

As you can see, the last 5 steps are the same required in the first and the second presented options.

Thus, as we mentioned before, if you need to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode, there are no major differences between options.

Windows 11 will start in Safe Mode every time you power on your PC unless the setting is changed from the System Configuration or Command Prompt.

You can also check a Microsoft guide about Windows 11 hardware and other specific requirements.

So now you got 4 easy methods that will definitely help you to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode. We delivered only valuable options, so make sure at least one of these will work smoothly.

If you’re interested in building a complete perspective about the newest OS, we suggest reading a Windows 11 build review without hesitation.

Any other questions or thoughts? If so, do not forget to leave a comment in the dedicated section below.

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