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Windows 11 Snap won’t work on old display monitors

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by Alex Serban

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One of the main features of Windows 11 is a productivity enhancement called Snap. This allows users to multitask easily, by splitting the screen in multiple portions. Microsoft is letting users know that old display monitors, with a resolution thinner than 1920 pixels will not benefit this fully.

While browsing the official system requirements and specifications of the upcoming version we’ve discovered that it’s required to have a full-HD (also known as 1080p HD widescreen) resolution in order to use the three-column layout of Snap. Older laptops or PCs that are linked to not that new monitors will have a limited use of this feature.

Even though the 1920×1080 resolution is one of the most popular out there, there are a lot of people that fall short of this aspect.

Snap three-column layouts require a screen that is 1920 effective pixels or greater in width.

When it comes to our own readers, we found that only one third of devices visiting our website have a resolution that is compatible with this feature. There is a concerning portion of devices that is simply going to be let out. We’ve excluded mobile users from our calculations.

How will Snap look for old monitors?

Pretty much like this. Almost the same as it looked in Windows 10, until now.

Those that have wider monitors than 1920 pixels will benefit from extensive Snap Layouts and extensive Snap Groups. With this features, a future Windows 11 users will be able to split its screen in multiple columns and save that configuration for later user.

We can’t wait to test the full Windows 11 Snap on our 32″ monsters, right here in the office. We’ll share a screenshot next week.

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