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The first update for the PC Health Check app fix is due today

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  • Microsoft is hard at work fixing an error that users encountered while trying to use Windows 11.

  • The Your PC can’t run Windows 11 error has been driving users mad, after the official launch.

  • Microsoft’s own Steve Dispensa reassured users, over Twitter, that the issue is being dealt with.

  • With the first insider builds coming next week. Microsoft is focusing on fixing all present issues.

Windows 11 health check app

As you most likely already know, yesterday, Microsoft finally unveiled the long-awaited Windows 11 update. This new content comes with an updated UI, as well as performance, and productivity improvements.

The Redmond company also informed users in regards to the minimum system requirements for Windows 11, which include Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 among other things.

Microsoft is trying to fix the PC Health Check app

If you were just trying to install Windows 11 and give it a try but were prompted by the Your PC can’t run Windows 11 error, rest assured that you are not alone.

Users have started reporting issues with the PC Health Check app since early last night, after the big event. This app gives users the ability to check if their system meets the minimum requirements to upgrade to Windows 11.

Some, more tech savvy users have even come up with a workaround for this situation, until the dust settles.

Microsoft has now acknowledged this problem and is working on a fix. Steve Dispensa confirmed on Twitter that the tech company is currently searching for some solutions for this nuissance.

Insider builds for Windows 11 are coming next week

Considering that Microsoft is all set to release the first Windows 11 Insider build next week, users are hoping that these issues with the Health Check app will be solved.

Needless to say how important this is, as everyone will most likely enroll into Windows Insider Program and try out Windows 11.

Microsoft’s very own Steve Dispensa also stated that all the PCs shipped in the last few years come with TPM so they should meet the minimum requirements on paper.

Even though Windows 11 came with a few hiccups, Its not the end of the world, as it was totally expected to have a few glitches or bugs, as with every new product.

While you wait for Microsoft to fix these primordial Windows 11 issues, you can check our extensive Windows 11 articles, and find out everything you need to know about the new OS.

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