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How to Remove Photos from Echo Show

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Originally, Echo devices were intended to feature audio control only, allowing you, the user, to instruct Alexa to do whatever you want it to do. That’s until the introduction of the Echo Show, which you could describe as the tablet version of the Amazon Echo.

How to Remove Photos from Echo Show

Why Echo Show?

With the Echo devices, Amazon has clearly intended to focus on audio commands for operating your smart home. These commands work perfectly and show that you don’t need a screen for ease of use. However, with the release of smart home products such as the Ring Doorbell and the Wyze Cam came a need for visual support.

And thus, the Echo Show was born. With an Echo Show, users can gain access to their surveillance equipment and also customize a full audio video experience.

echo show

echo show

Home Screen Background

Like with any touchscreen devices, you can set a new background for your Echo Show. In fact, you can personalize the entire on-screen visual experience to a greater extent than you might think.

  1. To change the appearance of the home screen, just swipe downwards from the top of the screen and then tap the gear icon (settings).

  2. Navigate to Home & Clock in this menu and then tap Clock.

  3. You’ll see a number of different categories on the screen. These include Recent Clocks, Modern, Classic, Playful, Personal Photos, and Photography. If that’s not enough, how about the fact that each of these categories has even more configuration options? For instance, the Classic category comes with 5 options: Zen, School House, Stellar, and Kaleidoscope. Plus, every one of the 5 will shuffle through different backgrounds.

  4. If you want your home screen to stick to a particular background, navigate to the pencil icon (edit) and select a photo.

Adding and Removing Photos

Of course, you can add personal photos and even create slideshows. However, you won’t be able to do this from the Echo Show itself, even if you capture a picture using its front camera. To add custom photos to your Echo Show device, you’re going to have to either subscribe to Prime Photos or use the smartphone app.

  1. If you are a Prime Photos member, go to Settings on your Echo Show.

  2. Then tap Home & Clock, and select Clock.

  3. From this screen, select Personal Photos, then Background, and Prime Photos. This will access your Prime Photos subscription and allow you to choose one of the uploaded and set it as the home screen on your Echo Show.

remove photos from echo show

remove photos from echo show

  1. Alternatively, you can use the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. Once you’ve entered the Background menu (as described above), select Alexa App Photo instead of Prime Photos.

  2. Now, open the Alexa app, go to Settings, and select Your Echo Show from the list. Then, select Home Screen Background and choose a photo from your phone that you want to upload.

You can’t really remove the home screen photo from your Echo Show. What you can do is select the most basic one available. Deleting the photo from your phone’s memory won’t affect the home screen and removing the photo from your Prime Photos account will only put up the default picture on your Echo Show.

Adding Home Cards

What are Amazon Home Cards anyway? Android phone and tablet users may see a resemblance to widgets. Essentially, the Echo Show is equipped with more useful features than the mere clock and background. With Home Cards, you can display Messaging, Reminders, Notifications, Upcoming Events, Trending Topics, Weather, Drop In, and other features on your home screen.

You can set these to shuffle continuously (the clock will no longer show up all the time) or to pop up whenever a notification arrives. Go to the settings screen again (gear icon), followed by Home & Clock, and look for the Home Cards feature on the list. From this menu, you can choose which cards you’d like to be shown and how you’d like them displayed (continuously or based on notifications).

Night Mode

Nighttime Mode dims the display of your Echo Show and filters out the notifications so that it won’t bother you (You could be sleeping or engaging in another bedroom activity, who knows?). Nighttime Mode is activated from the Home & Clock menu.

Personalizing Your Echo Show

As you can see, personalizing an Echo Show device is fairly simple and straightforward. Choose the clock display, the background photo, the desired Home Cards, the way you want them displayed, and toggle Nighttime Mode on or off for the ideal Echo Show user experience.

How have you personalized your Echo Show experience? Which are your favorite Home Cards? Have you experienced any problems along the way? Share with the community in the comments section below.

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