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How to get the best graphics in Biomutant [Maximum Beep Boop]

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So lets take a closer look at this mod and see exactly how it alters and enhances the pre-existing game settings.

Maximum Beep Boop fine-tunes Biomutant graphics

Basically, the mod removes some of Biomutant’s graphics settings that, normally, you wouldn’t be able to alter in the game menu.

It removes some of the visual effects, such as chromatic aberration and the intense depth of field, based on the idea that this is a game and not a movie.

Other graphics elements like the smudgy temporal anti-aliasing were also removed from the game, along with motion blur and film grain settings as well.

Instead, this mod adds ACES Tonemapping, in order to achieve a far more naturalistic color correction, which gamers will be able to observe, at its peak, on screens that support high dynamic range.

Some other new additions that come with the Maximum Beep Boop mod are the enabling of color correct bloom and, also, subsurface scattering. This will ensure a more subtle fur color in a direct light source, but it’s not very noticeable.

The fade distance, along with the level of detail settings have been maxed out, to ensure high detail even at maximum draw distances. Even ambient occlusion will kick in at the max distance, as well.

Shadow resolutions have been cranked up to as high as they can get, and the true volumetric fog setting will use its full volume density instead of being a hazy fall back transparency.

Where can I get this mod and how will this impact my PC?

If you also want to try out this new mod, you are going to want to head over to Nexus Mods and download it from there.

You will also find tips and tricks about .ini files to adjust if your game crashes or you encounter other issues.

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