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How to fix Biomutant bad FPS issues on Windows 10

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A user on Reddit explains the situation in detail:

The game always just started, I play it without problems +100 fps in 1080p and high settings, but after a while (generally 5-10 minutes) and passing through certain areas where there is a lot of volumetric fog there are generally FPS drops to a minimum of 25 FPS and looking at the MSI Afterburner, The GPU in those areas lowers its performance from 100% to 55% more or less.

Even under the resolution (720p) and all the settings on low, it continues in the same amount of FPS and the GPU working at 50-55%. It is the only game that happens to me, I doubt that it suffers a bottleneck, I wanted to know if one has happened and solved it, thank you.

Others have described similar issues even if they have powerful computers with plenty of resources.

This is a new problem that was just discovered and there are no official fixes or patches but we will try to help you with some possible solutions.

How can I fix Biomutant FPS issues on Windows 10?

1. Update the drivers for your controller

  1. Right-click the Start button and select Device Manager from the list.device manager

  2. Click on the Sound, video and game controllers section to expand it.

  3. Right-click on your controller driver and select Update driver.

  4. Select the first option, Search automatically for drivers.

  5. The system will find a default driver online and install it.

A user discovered that he solved this FPS problem after updating the drivers to his Bluetooth controller so you will need to perform the steps above to get this done.

2. Run the game in high priority

  1. Right-click the Start button and select Task Manager.

  2. Click on the Details tab.

  3. Find Biomutant and right-click on it.

  4. Then click on Set priority and select High.

Running the game in high priority will force the sistem to favor the game to any other unnecessary processes and the performance should improve.

We hope that our solutions helped you fix this annoying FPS problem with Biomutant in Windows 10.

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If you know about any other solutions or you have any advice, leave us a line in the Comments sections below.

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