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8 Best Google Meet Firefox Add-ons in 2021

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Remote collabs and virtual meetups have been the one constant thing in our lives over the past year and a half and services like Google Meet and Zoom aren’t going to go away anytime soon. Zoom being an application on desktops offers a ton of functionalities but since Google Meet is web-based, there’s only so much that you can do with it using your web browser. 

If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user, you’ll be glad to know that there are some add-ons that you can install on your browser to extend Google Meet’s feature-set a little more. In this post, we’re going to list the best Firefox add-ons that you can install to make the most of Google Meet on your computer. 

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If you’re using Firefox to connect to others on Google Meet and you want a tool that gives you full control over how you look during calls, then Mercator Studio is the add-on you should install. This extension provides users with all the means to adjust their appearance by allowing them to tweak the exposure, contrast, lighting, saturation, temperature, and other aspects. Besides these basic controls, you can also apply blur, tint, vignette, texts, and even emojis. 

Additionally, you can change camera views inside Google Meet like rotate/flip your feed, crop your view and apply presets to change your face’s color tones quickly using this extension. You may also use the Freeze feature on Mercator Studio to get your screen frozen “intentionally” during a Meet call. 

Google Meet may provide you with a slew of functionalities but volume control isn’t one of them. The video conferencing service which is only available through web browsers doesn’t have a native tool to adjust the volume. This is where the Google Meet Volume Control add-on chips in. The extension does what its name says and allows users to control the level of volume for the window/tab that’s hosting your Google Meet call. You can simply adjust the Meet volume by clicking the add-on from the toolbar and then adjusting through the Meet Volume slider that appears. 

If you want to enable Dark mode inside calls on Google Meet, this Firefox add-on will apply a dark grey background to all the elements inside the meeting screen. The developer acknowledges that the extension isn’t fully complete, so you may see part of the meeting screen still not enabled with the dark theme. 

Video calls on Meet can sometimes become boring or there might be an occasion that requires you to multi-task. The Google Meet Portal add-on for Firefox helps you keep in touch with participants of a meeting while at the same time letting you browse the web on another tab. The extension does that by providing you with a view of all the participants in a meeting that is broadcasted on any Firefox tab that you’re currently on. You can thus use this extension to check up something on your browser quickly, jotting down notes, or making a presentation.

Portal lets you to customize the way its window appears on other tabs. You can adjust the dimension of the popup, select the number of columns you want to be made visible, and move the window wherever you want to by simply dragging it around.  

As its name reads, this is a simple extension for your Firefox that lets you instantly mute and unmute your microphone from any tab that you’re on. Additionally, you can mute your mic before even entering a meeting on Google Meet so that you start the call without anyone hearing your voice. 

If you’re a teacher looking to take attendance of all of your students in your virtual class on Google Meet, this Firefox add-on will let you do just that. When you start a Google Meet call, you can create a list of expected invitees and when these people join your meeting, the extension will be able to detect who all joined and how long they remained active during the session. Other than that, you can create and store multiple class lists and the extension supports multiple languages English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Chinese. 

The extension does what it claims lets you use your mic only when you have something to say. When enabled, your mic stays on mute until your press the Spacebar on your keyboard. When Spacebar is pressed, your microphone gets unmuted and others in the meeting can hear you for as long as you keep pressing the spacebar. 

Unlike social media, there’s no way to express yourself during a meeting other than using your own voice. When you enable Wave, you will be able to send a bunch of reactions like thumbs up, thumbs down, and clap to show up on the meeting’s in-call messages. The extension can also be used to let the meeting host know that you “raised hand” to speak up. 

That’s all the Google Meet add-ons you can use on Mozilla Firefox. 


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