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Xbox needs your help in testing the new F1 2021 Beta

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Xbox releases F1 2021 on July 16th

The beloved racing game is almost ready to hit the shelves and transport you to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or one of your other favorite racing circuits.

Besides the the iconic Imola and Portimao, there are some rumors that some new circuits will be added to F1 2021, including the Jeddah Street Circuit.

Microsoft has requested that players which got the invitation for the beta version, spend as much time as they can playing, so the developers will have time to resolve any ongoing issues.

This is great news for all the die-hard fans of the game series out there, who just can’t wait for the official release date and want to always be in pole position.

How do I apply for the F1 2021 beta?

If you also want to contribute to the tuning process of this early stage of the game, you can do so by applying for the beta version.

Note that Codemasters is running the beta version exclusively through their forums. Thus, you will need to register yourself there, and also be willing to provide feedback on your experience.

Keep in mind that even once you have signed up to the forum, it’s still not that simple to get your application in.

First, you need to go to the top right of your profile page and select Profile, under the Content section and after that, select Edit Profile.

From there you can scroll down to the BETA 2021 Application Form and complete it. This version of the game is only available for players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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