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What is Tuned on Instagram?

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Have you been to Instagram lately and have encountered a promotion for Tuned? Many users around the globe have received this ad and are wondering if this is a feature within Instagram or a standalone app? If you are in the same boat then let’s shed some much-needed light on the matter. 

What is Tuned in Instagram?

Facebook has been integrating Messenger and other Facebook-Esque features into Instagram since the corporation acquired the app. The company now seems to be using it as a promotional platform for its upcoming products as well. Tuned in Instagram is Facebook promoting the upcoming app for couples to a targeted audience in certain regions. This is not a new feature or addition to Instagram, and is simply an ad for Facebook’s new app for couples, Tuned. 

What is the Tuned app?

Tuned is an upcoming app from Facebook which has been developed by New Product Experimentation Team or NPE as they are better known within Facebook. The devs are known for producing a meme-making app and Hobbi, a similar alternative to Pinterest.

Tuned allows you to create a private space with your partner where you can share photos, voice memos, daily moods, messages, and more. If you have ever used Between, then you will find Tuned quite familiar and easy to use. Here are some of the stand-out features offered by Tuned. 

  • Send Photos

  • Send prompts and questions

  • Post/Share songs with Spotify integration

  • Celebrate custom occasions

  • Share a love note

  • Quote inside jokes

  • Unique ways to connect and interact with each other

► Download: Tuned app

Why am I getting notifications for Tuned?

Well, Facebook has owned Instagram for quite some time now. This kind of integration between the two platforms was inevitable as predicted by analysts at the time of this acquisition. After introducing Messenger to Instagram, it was only logical for Facebook to use the huge audience of the platform to promote its upcoming products. Hence, Facebook’s new Tuned app is being promoted on Instagram and you are getting notifications for the same. 

Additionally, Facebook has a huge database of information that it uses to target users. If you and your loved ones use Instagram actively to interact and connect then it might be another reason why you are being targeted by the ad serving algorithm. This however is speculation at best at this point considering that Tuned is still in its early release phase. 

Can I disable Tuned notifications on Instagram?

Well, technically you can disable Tuned notifications by disabling Instagram notifications altogether. However, if you just wish to disable Tuned notifications then it will be a bit tricky. On iOS, that is simply impossible but Android users can selectively enable notifications for Instagram which can prevent you from receiving Tuned notifications altogether. Follow the guide below to selectively enable notifications on your Android device. 

Open the Settings app on your Android device and tap on ‘Apps and notifications’. 

Tap on ‘See all apps’. 

Now tap on ‘Instagram’.


Tap on ‘Notifications’. 

Now tap and disable each notification that you do not wish to receive. 

And that’s it! You won’t receive any more notifications for Tuned anymore, and will only receive notifications for the elements you selected. 

We hope this post helped shed some light on Tuned in Instagram for you. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below. 

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