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Opera GX vs Opera: Which is the better choice for you?

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A feature that will go along nicely with Workspaces and multitasking is the Search in tabs one. With this feature, you can search for open tabs on all workspaces and switch instantly to the desired tab.

You enter the title of the tab to search for it, but the feature will also scan the content of open pages and find the desired tab based on its content.

To accessit, you can use the search icon in the title bar or a keyboard shortcut for quick access.

Privacy Protection  

Opera comes with its own ad blocker and tracking protection, and if you don’t want to deal with ads anymore, be sure to enable this feature.

Tracking protection is also there, so you can say goodbye to tracking cookies that some websites tend to use.


Opera has a built-in snapshot tool that allows you to capture parts of a page and save it. The process is straightforward, and there’s even a simple editor that lets you add highlights and annotations.


If you use Opera on multiple devices, as you should, there’s a handy Flow feature that lets you share pages, links, and files seamlessly.

Simply pair your phone, and access the Flow feature from the sidebar and share any content that you want with ease.

Music player

Opera has support for various audio streaming services, such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while browsing the web.

Social media and messenger

If you want to keep in touch with your friends, Opera has support for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp, and you can have the messenger open in the sidebar while browsing the web.

The same goes for social networks, and currently supported networks include Twitter, Instagram, and VK.


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Opera focuses on user privacy, and therefore it comes with a built-in VPN. It is completely free with unlimited bandwidth, but it only offers three different locations to choose from.

Sadly, this feature isn’t available out of the box, except in Private Mode, so you’ll need to enable it from the settings page first.

Get Opera

Opera GX: Opera, but with a gaming twist

Opera GX is based on the regular version of Opera, but with a gaming twist and a couple of unique features.

All the features that we mentioned above are available in Opera GX, so we’ll focus only on the features that are unique to Opera GX.


The first thing you’ll notice about Opera GX is its dark theme with a red neon glow that has a cyberpunk feel to it.

The theme is customizable, and you can change both the primary and secondary colors to any value, or you can just use one of many available themes if you don’t feel like experimenting.

GX Corner

GX Corner feature is designed to bring you the latest gaming information at a glance. Using this feature you can view the release dates of the upcoming games on a specialized calendar.

You can also find major discounts as well as free games on all digital distribution platforms. The latest trailers and gaming news are also available, so you can keep up with the world of gaming.

GX Control

GX Control is one of those features that make Opera GX stand out from other browsers on the market. With this feature, you can limit network, RAM, and CPU usage.

This is useful if you’re on a low-end PC, or if you’re gaming and your browser is using more resources than it should, thus affecting your performance.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is Hot Tabs Killer. This feature lets you see both CPU and RAM usage of all your open tabs at glance.

Is some open tab using more RAM than it should or slowing down your browser? End it instantly right from the Hot Tabs Killer section.

GX Cleaner

GX Cleaner is nothing revolutionary, and it’s just a quick way to clean your browsing data.

However, the feature allows you to see how much data and files does your browser has stored, which is useful.


The software offers all the same integrations as the regular version of Opera, but Opera GX comes with both Twitch and Discord integration.

Want to follow your favorite streamers or watch streams while browsing? Just open Twitch from the sidebar and that’s it.

The same goes for Discord, just enable it, sign in, and you can stay in touch with your friends over at Discord at all times.

Get Opera GX

Since these browsers are almost the same, we decided to give you a short overview of the available features that both have in the list below.

 OperaOpera GX
Built on Chromium
Support for Chrome extensions
Ad blocker
Tab searching
Snapshot tool
Opera Flow
Video pop-out
Music player
Free VPN
Twitter integration
Instagram integration
VK integration
Facebook Messenger
GX Corner
GX Control
GX Cleaner

Opera GX vs Opera, our final thoughts

As you’ve seen already, Opera GX offers all the great features that regular Opera has, plus a few ones that gamers might like.

Features such as GX Control, Twitch, and Discord integrations are more than welcome. Some users might not like the aesthetics of Opera GX, but in our opinion, the design looks sleek and minimalistic.

Should you use Opera GX? If you’re a gamer or you use Twitch and Discord frequently, then Opera GX will be perfect for your needs.

Even if you’re not a gamer, the Control GX feature can come in handy to everyday users, especially if you want to stop your browser from using all your resources.

If you’re not into gaming and you want something that is less gaming-oriented, then the regular version of Opera will provide you with all the features that you need.

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