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Opera and Opera GX aren’t blocking Youtube ads anymore

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Opera and Opera GX ad-blockers, not working on Youtube

Lately though, some Opera users have noticed that, despite the ad-block options being activated, while trying to watch videos on the popular streaming platform, ads just play like its nothing.

However, this issue is not new and, apparently, its been going on for quite some time now.

Users have taken to discussing this recurring issue on the Opera forum and they don’t sound pleased at all. Many of the complaints are centered around the fact that, because it’s been happening for so long, they expected it to be fixed already.

Neither Opera nor Opera GX are blocking the ads on Youtube properly! I just don’t understand that they can’t fix it for so long, although there was no problem before

Weird behavior for the built-in ad-blocker

The ad-blocking software seems to have a mind of its own and displays some pretty erratic patterns when trying to do its job.

It blocks one ad, then allows other nine or ten ads to play, or it loads the ad and it skips it in a split-second. Another example is the ad doesn’t start playing, users are just left with a white screen.

Some users were starting to wonder if this issue was caused by Youtube itself, instead of the Opera ad-blocker. But that would be far-fetched, considering the fact the the other browsers are doing fine at this chapter.

One of the more technically gifted users on Reddit mentioned in a post that the ad-blocking system that Opera uses is more generic and won’t work with not work with YouTube’s Polymer framework script.

Opera Adblocker is just a generic ad blocker. YouTube’s video based ads is integrated within YouTube’s Polymer framework script itself. So, the script can not be simply blocked. Otherwise, it’ll break YouTube site entirely.

For YouTube video based ads, I use my own UserScript to block it. Use it with TamperMonkey browser addon. Note: it’s designed specifically for blockng video based ads. For normal HTML based ads, use generic adblockers.

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