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Mobile casting a Microsoft Teams meeting is now a reality

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Of course, both the device and the Team Rooms need to be connected over the Internet and the mobile device should be within 10 meters of the room device.

It’s important to note thought, that everything from your devices’ screen will be projected, including notification so setting the phone on the Do not disturb mode would be recommended.

Cast your mobile device in Microsoft Teams

  1. Open Teams on your device and tap on Cast.

  2. Next, tap on one of the available rooms displayed on the screen.

  3. Once the connection with the room is established, tap on Project my screen.

  4. Finally select the Start Broadcast option to begin sharing the screen.

When you want to stop projecting your screen all you need to do is to tap on the pill icon from the top of the screen and select the Stop option.

Without a doubt this is a fantastic option and we would love to know if you have tried it already and what you think about it.

You can write us a comment in the dedicated section below, your thoughts are more than welcomed.

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