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Microsoft Teams releases new in-meeting UI share feature

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This new addition comes shortly after Teams already received the Webinar tool, earlier this moth.

The UI share feature is available for desktops only

You can still share everything you already could with the old version, the major change being, as we mentioned above, that Microsoft made it a lot easier for users to find and share their desired content.

When you click the new share button, located on the top menu, the dropdown will provide easy access to all the different screens that are available for sharing.

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This new way of sharing your content is available for Windows and Mac OS desktops, not for mobile devices yet.

As you can observe in the picture above, you have multiple sharing options. By selecting the first one, which is Screen, you allow all participants to the meeting to view your entire screen.

When you click on Window, you will see a list of all the windows you have open, and you can choose which one you want to share with the others.

You can also share PowerPoint files and, thanks to a new option added by Microsoft, you are able to Include computer sound.

Further more, you now have the ability to share InVision’s content with the members of the call.

What Microsoft is, most likely, working on now is an update that will fix the latency issues that some users have confirmed to deal with while in-meeting.

The tech giant also promised new features for the Android and iOS versions of the app as well and we could see them hit live in the upcoming months.

Have you tried the new UI share experience in Microsoft Teams? If so, tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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