How To Enable Gaming Mode on Android 12

Back in Februry, folks at XDA had spotted an unreleased Gaming Dashboard in the works for Android 12. But up until now, there were no clear...


How to Deliver Application Experience Across Multi-cloud

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In this webinar hear Prosimo’s CEO and Co-Founder Ramesh Prabagaran as he discusses what customers are focusing on as they rethink application delivery.

Key questions he’ll tackle are:

– As apps become increasingly diverse, what constraints do they place on my stack?
– The public cloud is the new IT infrastructure, so how do I use it to my benefit?
– IT isn’t just about making things work anymore, so how do I focus on outcomes driven by insights?
– In a distributed multi-cloud environment, how do I make sure my data remains in my control?
– Why should I rethink app delivery in a multi-cloud world with Prosimo AXI?

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