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Ampere unveils brand new 128-Core ARM CPUs, ready in 2021

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The Ampere Q80-33 CPU is scaling to 128

As we already mentioned, the tech giant is ready to give one of its flagship products some big improvements and they are planning to make it available to the public by the end of this year.

Basically, Ampere disclosed information about a 7nm variant of its already existing Altra architecture, planning to scale the CPU up to 128 cores.

The plan is for Ampere to develop its very own CPU architecture and stop using the same patterns as ARM’s Neoverse line of products.

Its important to know that, at the moment, Altra does not support SMT, thus the CPU has up to 80 cores currently. The scaling process will soon change this, boosting the capacity to up to 128.

As a result, for its 128-core Ampere Altra Max, the company is predicting an overall performance uplift of 1.5x – 1.6x per core.

We’re pretty sure that users who remained faithful to the brand were expecting this boost for quite some time now. They can now rest assured that the big change is well on its way.

Are you using a Ampere Altra CPU? Tell us about its performance in the comments section below.

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