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The Koenigsegg Gemera has a floating, spinning camera on its dashboard

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The Koenigsegg Gemera, a clean-sheet four-seat performance hybrid, debuted this week and instantly became one of the most stunning debuts of the year. But with all the hullabaloo about the two extra seats and the trick engine setup, most people overlooked one of the car’s coolest features. With the purchase of a Gemera, a customer might just get his own private Death Star. Sort of.

In looking through social media posts about the Gemera, we noticed a video posted by user @christer.hultberg, who turned out to be the transport manager for Koenigsegg. The short clips shows a levitating, rotating orb inside the car. It’s nestled into the front part of the carbon-fiber dashboard and sits in a small depression.

The cool gadget is a 360-degree camera. It features two lenses at opposite sides and spins on a horizontal axis. It has a similar, but not exactly the same, design as the Insta360 Pro Spherical VR 360 8K Camera, which retails at $3,500.

The exact purpose of the device is unclear, as it was not mentioned in the press release, but it’s probably pretty straightforward. A built-in dash cam would always be useful, especially for people who like to watch themselves driving their new multi-million-dollar toys. A 360-degree view of track laps would also make for good video.

We reached out to Koenigsegg for more information, and they told us the camera is, for now, a show-car feature and not yet confirmed for production vehicles.

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